The Living Thing

Here are my public notebooks.

This means: these notebooks concern topics about which I wish to inform myself. All conclusions are provisional, all ideas are half-baked and nothing, at all, has been reviewed. Typos, spelling errors and bad edits abound. Youโ€™re welcome.

Much of this information is digested from the blogs on my blogroll, or the papers on my reading list.

These are rated on the 3 point scale of Usefulness (๐Ÿ”ง), Novelty (๐Ÿ’ก), Uncertainty (๐Ÿคช) and Roughness (๐Ÿšง).

Climate crisis The conspiracy of those malign incumbent powers, the laws of physics, against the plucky underdog, coal megacorporations 2011-12-13 โ€“ 2023-05-31
PDF, Portable Document Format How we may use a thousand dollar computer to simulate a one cent piece of paper with zero day exploits 2018-06-03 โ€“ 2023-05-28
Bikes Especially bikes where I live, which means Sydney at the moment 2014-11-10 โ€“ 2023-05-26
Neural denoising diffusion models Denoising diffusion probabilistic models (DDPMs), score-based generative models, generative diffusion processes, neural energy modelsโ€ฆ 2021-11-11 โ€“ 2023-05-25
IPython Jupyterโ€™s forgotten uncle 2011-04-18 โ€“ 2023-05-15
Jax Julia for python 2020-09-15 โ€“ 2023-05-12
Hyperparameter optimization Replacing a hyperparameter problem with a hyperhyperparameter problem which feels like progress 2020-09-25 โ€“ 2023-05-12
Privacy while web browsing Browsing the internet without giving corporations my personal information for free 2018-12-12 โ€“ 2023-05-06
Optimal transport inference I feel the earth mover under my feet, I feel the ฯˆ tumbling down, I feel my heart start to trembling, whenever youโ€™re around (my barycentre) 2021-03-16 โ€“ 2023-05-03
Normalizing flows Invertible density models, sounding clever by using the word diffeomorphism like a real mathematician 2018-04-04 โ€“ 2023-05-02
Python Syntactic saccharine for compiled code 2011-04-18 โ€“ 2023-04-28
LaTeX โ€ฆand ฮคeฮง, and ConTeXt and XeTeX and TeXleMeElmo 2014-09-08 โ€“ 2023-04-24
Quantified self Instrumentation and analytics for body and soul. Punk DIY precision medicine. 2022-01-11 โ€“ 2023-04-24
Metis and .*-rationality High modernism,, spontaneous order, legibility, the Great Society, technocracy, local knowledge 2017-07-24 โ€“ 2023-04-22
Pytorch #torched 2018-05-04 โ€“ 2023-04-21
Lua 2014-07-25 โ€“ 2023-04-21
Secure chat systems Optimising back channel interjections into other peopleโ€™s meetings 2015-02-15 โ€“ 2023-04-21
pandoc An itemised list of the esoteric difficulties involved in bullet points 2019-07-17 โ€“ 2023-04-20
Fish shell A command line shell that does not think that the problem is you 2019-03-30 โ€“ 2023-04-18
ฮฆFlow A modern python computational fluid dynamics library for ML research 2022-06-24 โ€“ 2023-04-17
Code editors The best thing since punchcards 2014-11-11 โ€“ 2023-04-14
Model averaging On keeping many incorrect hypotheses and using them all as one goodish one 2017-06-20 โ€“ 2023-04-14
Markdown An itemised list of the esoteric difficulties involved in bullet points 2019-07-17 โ€“ 2023-04-13
Jupyter front end systems UX design by underfunded committee is how I like my data science experience 2017-02-09 โ€“ 2023-04-12
Cheap talk Sapir-Whorf politeness, virtue signalling etc 2020-02-01 โ€“ 2023-04-11
Cohousing in Australia Plus other low-cost, low-tedium options for secure habitation somewhere 2021-09-25 โ€“ 2023-04-10
Email clients on linux The constant low-level grind of a long term co-dependent relationship 2020-04-21 โ€“ 2023-04-05
Fashion Theory and practice of hip garments 2020-07-10 โ€“ 2023-03-27
Particle filters incorporating Interacting Particle Systems, Sequential Monte Carlo and a profusion of other simultaneous-discovery names 2014-07-25 โ€“ 2023-03-24
Transformer networks The transformer-powered subtitle for this article is โ€œOur most terrifyingly effective weapon against the forces of evil is our ability to laugh at them.โ€ 2017-12-20 โ€“ 2023-03-22
PDF viewers On turning texts into font rendering errors 2020-02-11 โ€“ 2023-03-21
Deep sets invariant and equivariant functions 2022-11-24 โ€“ 2023-03-21
ML on small devices Putting intelligence on chips small enough to be in disconcerting places 2016-10-14 โ€“ 2023-03-21
Zotero The adequate citation tool 2019-12-01 โ€“ 2023-03-18
Ensemble Kalman methods Data Assimilation; Data fusion; Sloppy filters for over-ambitious models 2015-06-22 โ€“ 2023-03-18
Feed readers Automated content aggregation for an internet designed to inform you rather than distract you 2016-06-29 โ€“ 2023-03-11
Hugo Lightweight static site utility 2020-08-26 โ€“ 2023-03-11
Making macOS behave itself Things I have to do to keep my laptop running so I can google how to fix other things 2015-04-27 โ€“ 2023-03-05
Jupyter The least excruciating compromise between ease of 1) doing data science and 2) seeming to laypeople to be doing data science 2017-02-09 โ€“ 2023-02-23
Transport maps Inference by measure transport, low-dimensional couplingโ€ฆ 2018-04-04 โ€“ 2023-02-21
UX 2018-10-16 โ€“ 2023-02-21
External validity When does what I learn on one data set apply to another? 2020-10-17 โ€“ 2023-02-16
Research discovery Has someone answered that question I have not worked out how to ask yet? 2019-01-22 โ€“ 2023-02-16
Jupyter UI wrangling What happens inside those notebook cells doesnt stay inside tgose notebook cells 2017-02-09 โ€“ 2023-02-13
UIs in Python interacting with an app, a python app, without too much dicking about 2017-06-03 โ€“ 2023-02-13
Hydrology, applied Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 โ€“ 2023-02-10
Shells That alternative to GUIs by which you replace clicking-on-the-wrong-thing errors with typing-the-wrong-thing errors 2014-10-03 โ€“ 2023-02-09
Predictive coding Does the model that our brains do bayesian variational prediction make any actual predictions about our brains? 2011-11-27 โ€“ 2023-02-09
manim pedagogic animations via python 2018-10-07 โ€“ 2023-02-06
Diagrams Of the kind I need, a practical guide to the creation thereof 2015-03-02 โ€“ 2023-02-02
When to argue ad hominem Skin in the game, vested interests, overt and covert prejudices, lived experience, Dunning-Kruger outgroup effects, genealogy of knowledge, aetiology, donatism, genealogy of knowledge 2020-02-01 โ€“ 2023-01-28
Web scraping Turns out we can get information off the internet 2016-06-17 โ€“ 2023-01-24
Models of inequity Sharpening the fuzzy process of bias, discrimination and inequity 2017-08-13 โ€“ 2023-01-19
Javascript audio Every program will expand until the point that it can generate cheezy techno 2011-11-25 โ€“ 2023-01-16
Matplotlib A way to draw things in python, which is better than no way to draw things in python 2014-10-07 โ€“ 2023-01-16
Weaponizing social media Trolls, bots, lulz, infowars and other moods of the modern networked ape 2019-10-21 โ€“ 2023-01-15
Melbourne Australiaโ€™s culture sweatshop 2021-10-18 โ€“ 2023-01-15
Comfy Ubuntu Now with added Pop!_OS 2014-10-14 โ€“ 2023-01-09
Probability divergences Metrics, contrasts and divergences and other ways of quantifying how similar are two randomnesses 2014-11-25 โ€“ 2023-01-06
Quarto Swiss army knife for hand-whittling scientific reports, slides and blogs 2022-05-01 โ€“ 2023-01-03
Fediverse Mastodon et al. 2019-08-12 โ€“ 2022-12-28
BibLaTeX Also BibTeX if you must 2020-09-29 โ€“ 2022-12-23
Meditation Socially-approved zoning out 2016-01-05 โ€“ 2022-12-21
Neural codecs Digital recordings and converting between them. 2020-04-23 โ€“ 2022-12-19
Fitness health Getting swole and/or deferring death 2015-01-17 โ€“ 2022-12-14
Models of computation Turing machines, ฮป-calculus, term-rewriting and other models of what may be computed. 2017-06-18 โ€“ 2022-11-22
Time management The psychology of getting stuff done 2017-06-18 โ€“ 2022-11-08
Sufficiently good hedonism Tractable trade-offs between limited time and limited cash and limited imagination for the most happiness 2020-06-23 โ€“ 2022-11-08
Bio marker tracking We are probably not going to optimize ourselves out of mortality, but it feels good to try nonetheless 2022-01-11 โ€“ 2022-11-07
Plotly A pretty good plotting system. 2015-11-20 โ€“ 2022-11-06
But what can I do? Recommended behaviour to make society better is to think, then act 2020-02-06 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Scientific writing In which tips are given for the projection of status through nominal phrases and passive voice 2014-12-31 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Blogroll The internet of essays 2008-11-02 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Pornography Morsels of oddity from the depiction of human sexual behaviour 2020-04-22 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Email hosts Who handles my mail? And what do they do with it? 2020-12-30 โ€“ 2022-11-04
Gradient flows infinitesimal optimization 2020-01-30 โ€“ 2022-11-02
Emancipating my tribe Inclusivism and exclusivism in sacred and secular subcultures. Or, scaling up the in-group. 2021-12-20 โ€“ 2022-11-01
The edge of chaos Computation, evolution, competition and other past-times of faculty 2016-12-01 โ€“ 2022-10-30
Python cluster computing Parallel computing, wherein a head process spawns workers executing some python function 2016-08-23 โ€“ 2022-10-23
Python pickling Parallel computing, wherein assume a head process with spawn workers 2016-08-23 โ€“ 2022-10-23
Anomaly detection I donโ€™t define what is abnormal, but I know it when I see it 2015-10-06 โ€“ 2022-10-20
Editing images Chinks in my armour of learned Photoshop helplessness 2018-10-16 โ€“ 2022-10-13
Akrasia Description to come later 2017-06-18 โ€“ 2022-10-09
Data sets Questions for answers looking for questions 2015-06-26 โ€“ 2022-10-08
Forecasting Vegan haruspicy 2015-06-16 โ€“ 2022-10-08
Nootropics The struggle to find a drug that makes you so fast that you save more time taking it than you lose reading about it 2017-08-07 โ€“ 2022-10-06
The blogosphere Now with added newsletter-o-sphere 2014-12-29 โ€“ 2022-10-06
Transcoding Digital recordings and converting between them. 2020-04-23 โ€“ 2022-10-05
Python CLIs Putting the โ€œargumentโ€ in โ€œcommand-line argumentโ€ 2021-07-02 โ€“ 2022-09-29
Squads Small scale collectives 2022-06-25 โ€“ 2022-09-25
Innovation Side order of progress studies now I guess 2014-07-27 โ€“ 2022-09-24
Free content Raiding history for clip art 2014-08-31 โ€“ 2022-09-23
Terminals More realistically, terminal emulators, because anyone who owns an actual working VT102 these days is not using it to do work 2018-10-11 โ€“ 2022-09-06
Informations Entropies and other measures of surprise 2011-11-25 โ€“ 2022-08-30
Learning stuff Shoving knowledge into my brain 2020-06-16 โ€“ 2022-08-30
Managing people Making piece with the fact that I cannot do everything myself 2020-07-19 โ€“ 2022-08-30
Project management With special attention to speculative and innovative projects 2021-03-23 โ€“ 2022-08-28
Semantics Compressed representations of reality for syntactic agents; which might be what meaning means 2014-12-29 โ€“ 2022-08-28
Status The original karma system 2019-10-25 โ€“ 2022-08-26
Apptainer Containerized apps for research 2015-11-05 โ€“ 2022-08-22
Technological singularities Incorporating hard AI take-offs, game-over high scores, the technium, deus-ex-machina, deus-ex-nube, nerd raptures and so forth 2016-12-01 โ€“ 2022-08-10
Video conferencing and other ways of working together, or at least around each other 2015-02-15 โ€“ 2022-08-10
Neural nets with implicit layers Also, declarative networks, bi-level optimization and other ingenious uses of the implicit function theorem 2020-12-08 โ€“ 2022-08-09
Academic blogging workflow Minimising the friction of advertising my thoughts in order to maximise the chance each thought gets advertised. Not covered: maximising quality of thoughts. 2020-05-22 โ€“ 2022-08-07
Urbanism Stuff about cities 2014-12-25 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Causal inference on DAGs Confounding! This scientist performed a miracle graph surgery intervention and you wonโ€™t believe what happened next 2016-10-26 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Futurism Useful ways of imaginatively forecasting 2014-12-31 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Emoji 2019-01-03 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Economic inequality Return to capital versus return to labour versus return to state of nature 2014-10-29 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Trapped beliefs Thinking now what made sense then 2022-04-09 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Community governance Coordinating human beings by application of social force 2020-02-02 โ€“ 2022-08-05
ELBO Evidence lower bound, variational free energy etc 2020-10-02 โ€“ 2022-08-03
Data dashboards and ML demos On assuring the client that you are doing something data-sciency because it looks like in the movies 2020-03-12 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Scenius 2020-01-26 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Microstressors Asymmetric interactions in aggregate, microinequity, microaggressions 2020-02-01 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Diversity in teams Multiculturalism, pluralism and eccentricity at small scale 2020-05-27 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Subculture dynamics Coalitions, scenes, fandoms, subcultures, normies, hipsters, sects, and tribes at scale 2018-12-18 โ€“ 2022-07-26
Music gear Pragmatic digital amps and microphones 2014-08-26 โ€“ 2022-07-19
Australia Youโ€™re standing in it 2020-01-25 โ€“ 2022-07-14
Being stroppy For people too perverse to be contrarian like everyone else 2022-03-04 โ€“ 2022-07-06
Science communication On making people feel they are smart enough to teach themselves, or failing that, that they are smart enough to fund YOU to teach yourself 2021-06-02 โ€“ 2022-07-05
Comfy GNOME shell Sparing thoughts for the desktop whatsit favoured by the thoughtless 2019-08-13 โ€“ 2022-07-03
Hydrology, applied Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 โ€“ 2022-06-30
Moral wetware What ethical operating systems can be executed on our neurosocial substrate? 2020-04-27 โ€“ 2022-06-30
Taking notes Notes on notes on notes 2020-02-17 โ€“ 2022-06-29
Betting 2017-05-09 โ€“ 2022-06-27
Gender identity Political and/or empirical engagement therewith 2017-08-13 โ€“ 2022-06-25
Signal sampling Discrete representation of continuous signals and converse 2017-05-30 โ€“ 2022-06-24
Rhetoric Argumentation, descriptive and prescriptive 2017-06-07 โ€“ 2022-06-24
Workhacks How to succeed in business (with or without trying) 2020-07-19 โ€“ 2022-06-14
Institutions Stable orbits in human systems 2014-10-29 โ€“ 2022-06-10
HDF5 A data format I need to know about 2020-06-17 โ€“ 2022-06-08
ssh a.k.a. โ€œSecure shellโ€, which is not actually a shell but an encrypted network protocol that people like to shell with 2014-12-27 โ€“ 2022-06-07
Plants 2020-05-28 โ€“ 2022-06-02
The Illawarra The cheaper bit underneath Sydney comprising Wollongong etc 2022-05-27
Memetics Taste dynamics, opinion dynamics, sincerely-held-belief dynamics etc 2020-01-30 โ€“ 2022-05-14
DNS On asking strangers for directions 2017-10-13 โ€“ 2022-05-10
Email Doing email better, or better, not doing email at all 2015-01-13 โ€“ 2022-05-10
Linux audio Making sound by banging rocks together 44 thousand times per second 2018-04-23 โ€“ 2022-05-01
SLAM Simultaneous Location and Mapping 2014-11-25 โ€“ 2022-04-28
Voting Systems Mathematics and economics of ballots 2014-09-22 โ€“ 2022-04-21
Hierarchical models DAGs, multilevel models, random coefficient models, mixed effect models, structural equation modelsโ€ฆ 2015-06-07 โ€“ 2022-04-21
Blogdown Plus other RMarkdown-derived scholarly blogging systems 2020-08-26 โ€“ 2022-04-17
This is a simulation Can the automaton learn to play the game of life? 2017-04-04 โ€“ 2022-04-09
Sleep Pathologies and hacks 2017-04-19 โ€“ 2022-04-08
Myths Aspirationally self-fulfilling narratives, Schelling points in the social construction of reality, stone soups and Tinkerbell effects 2022-02-20 โ€“ 2022-04-07
Air pollution For a new century in which inhaling gets only more dangerous 2019-01-18 โ€“ 2022-04-03
Change points Looking for regime changes in stochastic processes. a.k.a. Switching state space models 2021-11-29 โ€“ 2022-04-01
Random binary vectors The class of distributions that cause you to reinvent Shannon information if you stare at them long enough 2017-02-20 โ€“ 2022-03-30
Sparse coding Wavelets, matching pursuit, overcomplete dictionariesโ€ฆ 2014-11-17 โ€“ 2022-03-07
Website cheat codes CSS, SCSS, SASS, HTML, UX, Web 2.0, RFC, Yeah you know me 2014-12-23 โ€“ 2022-03-06
QR codes Subtitles for robots 2019-10-30 โ€“ 2022-03-06
Subordinators Non-decreasing Lรฉvy processes with weird branding 2019-10-14 โ€“ 2022-02-24
Neurons Neural networks made of real neurons, in functioning brains 2014-11-03 โ€“ 2022-02-14
Diversity in society Pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance, ghettoisation, xenophobic panic 2017-02-19 โ€“ 2022-02-13
Academic reading workflow The continuing ascendancy of using piles of dead tree products for understanding cutting edge digital informatics 2016-04-11 โ€“ 2022-02-13
Variational inference On fitting something not too far from a pretty good model that is not too hard 2016-03-22 โ€“ 2022-02-10
Cryptocurrencies Imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin 2016-09-06 โ€“ 2022-02-05
Teaching How-to 2020-02-11 โ€“ 2022-02-05
Visualising geospatial data Geographic information systems, or, as we in the trade refer to them, โ€œmapsโ€ 2016-07-04 โ€“ 2022-02-02
Bootstrap Shuffling reality to produce your data 2014-11-26 โ€“ 2022-01-27
Learning on manifolds Finding the lowest bit of a krazy straw, from the inside 2011-10-21 โ€“ 2022-01-26
Psychometrics Dimensionality reduction for souls 2017-10-31 โ€“ 2022-01-26
DIY Artisanal poverty, expressive incompetence, contrarianism on a budget, hobbyism in the open, handicraft fandoms 2018-03-26 โ€“ 2022-01-20
E-readers Very expensive paper substitute that breaks if I drop it 2016-04-11 โ€“ 2022-01-20
Sex and sexology Incorporating smut, lewdness, and prurience 2020-06-07 โ€“ 2022-01-17
Bounded rationality Plus miscellaneous rationality postulates restricting von Neumann-Morgenstern 2012-01-13 โ€“ 2022-01-15
Social psychology Which of those NPR-friendly studies actually replicated? 2017-02-20 โ€“ 2022-01-14
Linux-compatible laptops I love linux but I hate googling for โ€œwifi hangs after suspendโ€ 2018-05-28 โ€“ 2022-01-11
Standards hell Lock-in, QWERTY, coordination problems etc 2015-01-05 โ€“ 2022-01-11
Presentations Slide decks and other stylised academic dominance displays 2015-06-01 โ€“ 2022-01-09
Stickers Printouts that you do not lose because they are adhered to a very large thing 2020-01-31 โ€“ 2022-01-05
Backups Version control for horrible data 2015-01-02 โ€“ 2022-01-05
Group size Scaling dynamics and network effects in social coordination 2011-12-09 โ€“ 2022-01-02
R The statistical programming language, not the letter 2011-08-07 โ€“ 2021-12-14
Bundled/ packaged apps for Linux On unifying the existing 3 app distribution stand ards by adding 3 additionll app distribution standards 12 2019-08-09 โ€“ 2021-12-02
Pyro Approximate maximum in the density of probabilistic programming effort 2019-10-02 โ€“ 2021-11-25
Gamification โ€œBelated Blogging of a Buzzwordโ€ achievement unlocked 2019-10-27 โ€“ 2021-11-18
Decentralized net services a.k.a. web3, DEX, P2P, Peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend; Internet for an untrustworthy world 2017-09-18 โ€“ 2021-11-15
Digital nostalgia Pixel art, geocities chic, cyberpunk retrofuturism 2020-05-15 โ€“ 2021-11-09
Tip me 2016-09-06 โ€“ 2021-11-04
Survey modelling Adjusting for the Lizardman constant 2019-08-29 โ€“ 2021-10-24
First aid If you are checking this webpage while your colleague bleeds out, you are doing it wrong 2019-02-12 โ€“ 2021-10-22
Eyewear 2020-09-14 โ€“ 2021-10-21
German Fรผr Konsonantkenner 2014-10-17 โ€“ 2021-10-20
Firefox 2017-04-20 โ€“ 2021-10-14
(Geo)spatial data sets In which I complain about paying a nominal fee for giant rocket robots that scan the earth from space 2021-03-02 โ€“ 2021-10-13
Printing Offline backups that do not need batteries 2018-10-03 โ€“ 2021-10-11
Science for policy Using evidence and reason to govern ourselves 2011-08-07 โ€“ 2021-09-22
Hygienic masks Medical/anti-infectious masks 2020-08-01 โ€“ 2021-09-20
Fonts Typefaces I need, which is to say, for web pages and scientific papers 2016-01-11 โ€“ 2021-09-18
Heavy tails Weird things about rare massive events 2020-01-13 โ€“ 2021-09-18
GIFs 2019-11-11 โ€“ 2021-09-17
Meta learning Few-shot learning, learning fast weights, learning to learn 2021-09-16
Wirtinger calculus Itโ€™s not complicated / Itโ€™s complex 2019-05-08 โ€“ 2021-09-07
Governance of the commons On the mysterious fact that most people get on with most of their neighbours most of the time 2014-10-29 โ€“ 2021-09-02
Cloud machine learning Cloudimificating my artificial data learning intelligence brain clever science analyticserisation 2016-08-23 โ€“ 2021-09-01
X11, Wayland etc The other antiquated windowing system 2019-08-13 โ€“ 2021-08-18
Hardened mobile Trusting the computer that follows you around all day 2015-02-15 โ€“ 2021-08-07
Cascade models a.k.a. cluster distributions, Galton-Watson models 2019-10-11 โ€“ 2021-08-04
Community Engineering, maintaining, organizingโ€ฆ 2020-02-02 โ€“ 2021-07-29
Contact tracing Reverse engineering social graphs for the control of contagions of pathogens, subversive ideology and other substances of interest 2020-03-21 โ€“ 2021-07-28
Publication bias Replication crises, P-values, bitching about journals, other debilities of contemporary science at large 2016-08-30 โ€“ 2021-07-22
Science History, sociology and philosophy thereof 2017-07-08 โ€“ 2021-07-21
IDEs for R Friendly UIs for the almost-friendly statistical programming language 2011-08-07 โ€“ 2021-07-18
Media virality Strategic modelling for content creators 2016-08-30 โ€“ 2021-07-15
Bureaucracy Iron Laws and Moral Mazes 2020-02-02 โ€“ 2021-07-08
Tensorflow The framework to use for deep learning if you groupthink like Google 2016-07-11 โ€“ 2021-07-07
Graph sampling Estimating functionals of graphs 2020-02-15 โ€“ 2021-07-06
Algebraic probability If you liked it then you probโ€™ly put a ring on it 2017-06-15 โ€“ 2021-06-24
ML Koans Passing through the NAND-gate 2021-06-23
DJing On encouraging people to listen to your living room playlist by demanding that they pay for it 2015-02-02 โ€“ 2021-06-14
Optimal transport metrics Wasserstein distances, Monge-Kantorovich metrics, Earthmover distances 2019-05-30 โ€“ 2021-06-08
Steinโ€™s method His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold / No need to ask / Heโ€™s a Stein operator 2021-03-12 โ€“ 2021-06-01
Ecology 2015-01-27 โ€“ 2021-06-01
Compressing neural nets pruning, compacting and otherwise fitting a good estimate into fewer parameters 2016-10-14 โ€“ 2021-05-07
The simplest thing Minimum viable whatever, worse is better, PC-losering, Postel chaos, Burkean engineering 2020-02-03 โ€“ 2021-04-27
Free will A matter about which I voluntarily admit I donโ€™t care, but am compelled to have something to link to when eliding 2012-03-16 โ€“ 2021-04-23
Cats 2021-04-14 โ€“ 2021-04-14
Health and chemistry Pollution, ambient poisons and other things it turns out I cannot rely upon the state to protect me from 2021-04-14 โ€“ 2021-04-14
Differentiable model selection Differentiable hyperparameter search, and architecture search, and optimisation optimisation by optimisation and so on 2020-09-25 โ€“ 2021-04-13
Colour 2015-04-07 โ€“ 2021-03-24
Sauna sweating, deliberately 2017-04-06 โ€“ 2021-03-03
Chaos expansions Polynomial chaos, generalized polynomial chaos, arbitrary chaos etc 2020-05-21 โ€“ 2021-02-15
Office software A short note to remind myself how to communicate with people who are compelled to use word processors 2021-02-12
Bayesians vs frequentists Just because we both get the same answer doesnโ€™t mean neither of us is wrong 2014-11-25 โ€“ 2021-01-14
Auditory features descriptors, maps, representations for audio 2019-11-13 โ€“ 2021-01-14
Browse the internet for me Introducing modern automation to the ancient handicrafts of serfing the web and tilling the clickfarm 2016-06-17 โ€“ 2021-01-07
Covariance functions Variograms, Mercer kernels, positive definite operators, spare reproducing kernels for that Hilbert space I bought on eBay real cheap 2019-09-16 โ€“ 2021-01-05
Nowhere to hide A catalogue of terrifying surveillance methods I encounter 2019-07-13 โ€“ 2021-01-03
Audiovisuals Synesthetic and other cross-media audio stunts 2020-10-26
Time Certain quirks of entropy 2020-10-20
Stan The flagship Bayesian workhorse 2020-10-19
Bandit problems Also reinforcement learning and stochastic control 2014-11-27 โ€“ 2020-10-16
Solarpunk A tomorrow worth retiring to 2019-10-29 โ€“ 2020-10-15
Agtech Dotcom for โ€œagricultural technologyโ€ 2020-10-05
AutoML 2017-07-17 โ€“ 2020-10-02
Webcams 2020-09-27 โ€“ 2020-09-26
Data dimensionality reduction Wherein I teach myself, amongst other things, feature selection, how a sparse PCA works, and decide where to file multidimensional scaling 2015-03-22 โ€“ 2020-09-11
Neural nets Designing the fanciest usable differentiable loss surface 2016-10-14 โ€“ 2020-09-09
Causal Bayesian networks Staged tree models, probability trees โ€ฆCausalan Bayesian networks 2020-11-01 โ€“ 2020-09-01
Remote Desktop Business model: Uber for pixels 2019-11-18 โ€“ 2020-07-31
Financial markets Descriptive engagement with reality of 2015-03-14 โ€“ 2020-07-02
Learning of manifolds Also topological data analysis; other hip names to follow 2014-08-19 โ€“ 2020-06-23
Productivity schemes If you can tell me why this placeholder post from 2014 is still consistently in my top 10 most popular posts I would be grateful 2014-10-09 โ€“ 2020-06-05
Audiobooks Long form podcasts 2014-11-11 โ€“ 2020-05-27
Naming things Hashes, UUIDs, haecceities, deep and inscrutable singular Names 2016-06-07 โ€“ 2020-05-21
MAPLE An OK computer algebra system 2020-05-19
C++ 2011-04-06 โ€“ 2020-04-27
Gym togs On getting fancy activewear of low impact to my pocket and the urban ecology 2018-06-03 โ€“ 2020-04-23
Queueing The mathematical field whose major result is enraging you about call centres 2015-06-03 โ€“ 2020-04-06
Visualising data Philosophy and psychology of good plots 2016-07-04 โ€“ 2020-03-19
Tool discovery Settling upon an adequate gizmo to identify other adequate gizmos 2020-02-19 โ€“ 2020-03-12
Restricted isometry properties Plus incoherence, irrepresentability, and other uncertainty bounds for a sparse world, and maybe frame theory, whatโ€™s that now? 2017-06-12 โ€“ 2020-03-09
Recipes Especially meta-recipes 2015-06-23 โ€“ 2020-03-03
Bias reduction Estimating the bias of an estimator so as to subtract it off again 2020-02-26
Asynchronous Python It canโ€™t be premature optimisation if it took 20 years to start 2018-03-24 โ€“ 2020-02-17
Sunda 2015-11-07 โ€“ 2020-02-16
R Shiny Statistics through the internet 2020-02-11
Random change of time Stochastic processes derived by varying the rate of timeโ€™s passage, which is more convenient than I imagined 2015-08-05 โ€“ 2020-02-10
Infinitesimal generators Generators of the transition semi-group, connection to Kolmogorov forward equations 2017-05-29 โ€“ 2020-02-05
*-omics 2016-08-12 โ€“ 2020-01-22
Wikis plus also CMSs 2020-01-03 โ€“ 2020-01-02
FFMPEG 2019-11-11 โ€“ 2019-12-23
Controllerism Making thing happen by waving your arms about on stage 2014-11-17 โ€“ 2019-12-10
Clojure 2015-01-05 โ€“ 2019-11-30
Bitwig The DAW I hate least 2016-11-26 โ€“ 2019-11-22
MIDI The near-adequate compromise for digital music that we are stuck with 2015-10-03 โ€“ 2019-11-20
Tunings 2015-10-29 โ€“ 2019-11-18
Phase retrieval Iโ€™ve got the power. / Like the crack of the whip/ I snap attack/ Front to back 2017-01-16 โ€“ 2019-11-07
Oh, Newcastle Newcastle, Australia, not that weird copy in England 2019-10-31
Aksara Sunda แฎƒแฎŠแฎชแฎžแฎ› แฎžแฎฅแฎ”แฎชแฎ“ 2015-10-08 โ€“ 2019-10-30
Ableton Live The de facto standard for techno 2015-01-06 โ€“ 2019-10-24
Rhythm Especially for generative music 2014-11-03 โ€“ 2019-10-23
Sneakernets Intermittent connectivity, mesh networks and the Honda protocol 2015-10-03 โ€“ 2019-09-09
Sandboxing apps Upon letting strangers into your house, just so long as they donโ€™t open the door to that one forbidden room 2019-08-09 โ€“ 2019-08-18
Making and its discontents Also repairers, innovators, maintainers, disruptors and sustainers, but not passive consumers 2018-09-24 โ€“ 2019-05-24
Hollow states Skim government when fat cats drank the cream 2019-03-13
Csound a less irritating audio programming language 2017-03-06 โ€“ 2019-03-07
3d data A grab bag of point clouds, volumetric data and photogrammetry 2019-02-15
Inner product spaces The most highly developed theory of squaring things 2019-01-01 โ€“ 2019-02-11
The right words That which I substitute with the long words 2017-06-15 โ€“ 2018-11-07
Atom A text editor I seemed to be using 2017-06-19 โ€“ 2018-11-06
Evidential decision theory I know that you know what I think you know about what we all know about people who write about strong AI online. 2018-10-24
Surviving bash The flagship product of modern unix is certainly better than any other 80s shell 2018-08-10 โ€“ 2018-10-19
Linear algebra If the thing is twice as big, the transformed version of the thing is also twice as big. {End} 2011-04-06 โ€“ 2018-08-07
Sundanese music Karawitan, Ketuk Tilu, Jaipongan, Gamelan Degung, Death Metal and similar 2014-11-11 โ€“ 2018-07-13
Python caches The fastest code is the code you donโ€™t run 2018-07-02
Signal processing That which you study for 4 years in order to design trippy music visualisers 2015-03-18 โ€“ 2018-01-05
Matlab A method of charging you licensing fees to use the CPU you already bought 2016-06-13 โ€“ 2017-12-13
Embodiment Itโ€™s easier to teach a robot to walk if it has legs. 2015-01-02 โ€“ 2017-10-14
Quantum probability and quantum information, noncommutative probability 2016-10-16 โ€“ 2017-09-18
Flashcards Spaced repetition systems 2015-01-02 โ€“ 2017-04-01
Scala 2017-02-11 โ€“ 2017-02-28
Statistical learning theory Eventually including structural risk minimisation, risk bounds, hopefully-uniform convergence rates, VC-dimension, generalisation-and-stability framings etc 2016-07-06 โ€“ 2016-08-16
Syntax Formal language theory 2015-01-18 โ€“ 2016-06-22
Visuals 2015-03-24 โ€“ 2015-11-26