The Living Thing

Here are my public notebooks.

This means: these notebooks concern topics about which I wish to inform myself. All conclusions are provisional, all ideas are half-baked and nothing, at all, has been reviewed. Typos, spelling errors and bad edits abound. Youโ€™re welcome.

Much of this information is digested from the blogs on my blogroll, or the papers on my reading list.

These are rated on the 3 point scale of Usefulness (๐Ÿ”ง), Novelty (๐Ÿ’ก), Uncertainty (๐Ÿคช) and Roughness (๐Ÿšง).

Neural denoising diffusion models Denoising diffusion probabilistic models (DDPMs), score-based generative models, generative diffusion processes, neural energy modelsโ€ฆ 2021-11-11 โ€“ 2023-12-06
The simplest thing Minimum viable whatever, worse is better, PC-losering, Postel chaos, Burkean engineering 2020-02-03 โ€“ 2023-12-06
Moral wetware What ethical operating systems can be executed on our neurosocial substrate? 2020-04-27 โ€“ 2023-12-05
Audiobooks Long form podcasts 2014-11-11 โ€“ 2023-12-02
Python caches The fastest code is the code you donโ€™t run 2018-07-02 โ€“ 2023-11-30
Visualising data Philosophy and psychology of good plots 2016-07-04 โ€“ 2023-11-21
Multi fidelity models Data-driven multi-scale sampling, multi-resolution, super-resolution 2020-08-24 โ€“ 2023-11-20
Science communication On making people feel they are smart enough to teach themselves, or failing that, that they are smart enough to fund YOU to teach yourself 2021-06-02 โ€“ 2023-11-20
pandoc An itemised list of the esoteric difficulties involved in bullet points 2019-07-17 โ€“ 2023-11-13
Comfort traps On edging life with the optimal amount of friction 2023-09-17 โ€“ 2023-11-09
Diagrams Of the kind I need, a practical guide to the creation thereof 2015-03-02 โ€“ 2023-11-09
Free content Raiding history for clip art 2014-08-31 โ€“ 2023-11-08
Lotekno Also, other Sundanese music projects I have been involved in 2015-11-05 โ€“ 2023-11-06
Playing video Pumping bits to eyeballs 2020-04-23 โ€“ 2023-11-06
Big history Cliodynamics, deep history, big-picture history 2018-12-18 โ€“ 2023-11-06
Hydrology, applied Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 โ€“ 2023-10-27
Learning under distribution shift Also transfer learning, covariate shift, transferable learning, domain adaptation, transportability etc 2020-10-17 โ€“ 2023-10-24
Time management The psychology of getting stuff done 2017-06-18 โ€“ 2023-10-20
Neural PDE operator learning Especially forward operators. Image-to-image regression, where the images encode a physical process. 2019-10-15 โ€“ 2023-10-19
VS Code for python An acceptable python IDE for very low cost 2021-08-10 โ€“ 2023-10-17
Pytorch #torched 2018-05-04 โ€“ 2023-10-17
Technological singularities Incorporating hard AI take-offs, game-over high scores, the technium, deus-ex-machina, deus-ex-nube, nerd raptures and so forth 2016-12-01 โ€“ 2023-10-11
Static website editors The vision of Netscape Composer and HotDog, finally realised 2014-12-29 โ€“ 2023-10-10
Bureaucracy Iron Laws and Moral Mazes 2020-02-02 โ€“ 2023-10-07
Recipes Especially meta-recipes 2015-06-23 โ€“ 2023-10-06
Making macOS behave itself Things I have to do to keep my laptop running so I can google how to fix other things 2015-04-27 โ€“ 2023-10-02
Whom to live amongst Designing housesholds, bashโ€™es, families, villages 2021-09-25 โ€“ 2023-10-02
Fashion Theory and practice of hip garments 2020-07-10 โ€“ 2023-10-02
DNS On asking strangers for directions 2017-10-13 โ€“ 2023-10-02
Gradient flows infinitesimal optimization 2020-01-30 โ€“ 2023-09-28
Misrule, punks and ravers Peasantpunk, expressive incompetence, contrarianism on a budget, metis farming, the feast of fools in suburbia, crusty rituals for the churchless, oxytocin fixes, mock chivalric orders, squads 2018-03-26 โ€“ 2023-09-26
Python Syntactic saccharine for compiled code 2011-04-18 โ€“ 2023-09-25
Degrowth Yurtopia 2019-10-29 โ€“ 2023-09-23
Ecomodernism A tomorrow worth retiring to 2019-10-29 โ€“ 2023-09-23
Data dashboards and ML demos On assuring the client that you are doing something data-sciency because it looks like in the movies 2020-03-12 โ€“ 2023-09-20
Static websites Websites that are just files on a server, which is all I need 2014-12-29 โ€“ 2023-09-19
Taking notes Notes on notes on notes 2020-02-17 โ€“ 2023-09-19
Sufficiently good hedonism Trade-offs between limited time, limited cash and limited imagination, toward the most happiness 2020-06-23 โ€“ 2023-09-18
Privacy while web browsing Browsing the internet without giving corporations my personal information for free 2018-12-12 โ€“ 2023-09-16
Cohousing in Australia Plus other low-cost, low-tedium options for secure habitation 2021-09-25 โ€“ 2023-09-15
Emoji 2019-01-03 โ€“ 2023-09-13
Akrasia Description to come later 2017-06-18 โ€“ 2023-09-09
Quarto Swiss army knife for hand-whittling scientific reports, slides and blogs 2022-05-01 โ€“ 2023-09-08
The Jupyter Cinematic Universe A constellation of somewhat-compatible technologies from which we can extract a compromise between ease of 1) actually doing data science and 2) seeming to laypeople to be doing data science 2017-02-09 โ€“ 2023-09-05
Informations Entropies and other measures of surprise 2011-11-25 โ€“ 2023-09-04
Zotero The adequate citation tool 2019-12-01 โ€“ 2023-09-04
Fediverse Mastodon et al 2019-08-12 โ€“ 2023-08-30
Status The original karma system 2019-10-25 โ€“ 2023-08-21
Sleep Pathologies and hacks 2017-04-19 โ€“ 2023-08-16
ML on small devices Putting intelligence on chips small enough to be in disconcerting places 2016-10-14 โ€“ 2023-08-14
Naming things Hashes, UUIDs, haecceities, deep and inscrutable singular Names 2016-06-07 โ€“ 2023-08-11
Community Engineering, maintaining, organizingโ€ฆ 2020-02-02 โ€“ 2023-08-09
Nostr Social media for the stroppy 2023-08-08 โ€“ 2023-08-09
Materials informatics Machine learning in condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials science 2023-08-01 โ€“ 2023-08-08
Doing it yourself Peasantpunk, artisanal poverty, hobbyism in the open, handicraft fandoms 2018-03-26 โ€“ 2023-08-08
Science; Institution design for โ€œScientist, falsify thyselfโ€. Peer review, academic incentives, credentials, evidence and fundingโ€ฆ 2020-05-17 โ€“ 2023-08-07
DJing On encouraging people to listen to your living room playlist by demanding that they pay for it 2015-02-02 โ€“ 2023-08-07
Firefox 2017-04-20 โ€“ 2023-08-07
Music gear Pragmatic digital amps and microphones 2014-08-26 โ€“ 2023-08-07
Community governance Coordinating human beings by collective application of social force 2020-02-02 โ€“ 2023-08-06
Metis and .*-rationality High modernism, spontaneous order, legibility, the Great Society, technocracy, local knowledge 2017-07-24 โ€“ 2023-08-04
Algorithmic mechanism design Designing markets and games to achieve what we collectively want from what we individually want 2014-09-22 โ€“ 2023-08-01
Model averaging On keeping many incorrect hypotheses and using them all as one goodish one 2017-06-20 โ€“ 2023-07-24
Bio marker tracking We are probably not going to optimize ourselves out of mortality, but it feels good to try nonetheless 2022-01-11 โ€“ 2023-07-18
Feed readers Automated content aggregation for an internet designed to inform you rather than distract you 2016-06-29 โ€“ 2023-07-17
3d data A grab bag of point clouds, volumetric data and photogrammetry 2019-02-15 โ€“ 2023-07-17
Codebraid Minimalist scientific workbook 2023-07-14
Blogdown Plus other RMarkdown-derived scholarly blogging systems 2020-08-26 โ€“ 2023-07-09
Homebrew Minimalist software management for POSIX systems 2019-06-15 โ€“ 2023-07-05
Syncthing A good, easy, peer-to-peer free Dropbox-like system for the modern paranoid age 2019-01-02 โ€“ 2023-07-04
Academic reading workflow The continuing ascendancy of using piles of dead tree products for understanding cutting edge digital informatics 2016-04-11 โ€“ 2023-06-29
Neural nets with implicit layers Also, declarative networks, bi-level optimization and other ingenious uses of the implicit function theorem 2020-12-08 โ€“ 2023-06-28
Markdown An itemised list of the esoteric difficulties involved in bullet points 2019-07-17 โ€“ 2023-06-15
LaTeX โ€ฆand ฮคeฮง, and ConTeXt and XeTeX and TeXleMeElmo 2014-09-08 โ€“ 2023-06-13
Neural vector embeddings Hyperdimensional Computing, Vector Symbolic Architectures, Holographic Reduced Representations 2017-12-20 โ€“ 2023-06-13
Research discovery Has someone answered that question I have not worked out how to ask yet? 2019-01-22 โ€“ 2023-06-06
Fish shell A command line shell that does not think that the problem is you 2019-03-30 โ€“ 2023-06-02
Climate change The conspiracy of those malign incumbent powers, the laws of physics, against the plucky underdog, coal megacorporations 2011-12-13 โ€“ 2023-05-31
PDF, Portable Document Format How we may use a thousand dollar computer to simulate a one cent piece of paper with zero day exploits 2018-06-03 โ€“ 2023-05-28
Bikes Especially bikes where I live, which means Sydney at the moment 2014-11-10 โ€“ 2023-05-26
IPython Jupyterโ€™s forgotten uncle 2011-04-18 โ€“ 2023-05-15
Jax Julia for python 2020-09-15 โ€“ 2023-05-12
Hyperparameter optimization Replacing a hyperparameter problem with a hyperhyperparameter problem which feels like progress 2020-09-25 โ€“ 2023-05-12
Optimal transport inference I feel the earth mover under my feet, I feel the ฯˆ tumbling down, I feel my heart start to trembling, whenever youโ€™re around (my barycentre) 2021-03-16 โ€“ 2023-05-03
Normalizing flows Invertible density models, sounding clever by using the word diffeomorphism like a real mathematician 2018-04-04 โ€“ 2023-05-02
Quantified self Instrumentation and analytics for body and soul. Punk DIY precision medicine. 2022-01-11 โ€“ 2023-04-24
Lua 2014-07-25 โ€“ 2023-04-21
Secure chat systems Optimising back channel interjections into other peopleโ€™s meetings 2015-02-15 โ€“ 2023-04-21
ฮฆFlow A modern python computational fluid dynamics library for ML research 2022-06-24 โ€“ 2023-04-17
Code editors The best thing since punchcards 2014-11-11 โ€“ 2023-04-14
Jupyter front end systems UX design by underfunded committee is how I like my data science experience 2017-02-09 โ€“ 2023-04-12
Cheap talk Sapir-Whorf politeness, virtue signalling etc 2020-02-01 โ€“ 2023-04-11
Email clients on linux The constant low-level grind of a long term co-dependent relationship 2020-04-21 โ€“ 2023-04-05
Particle filters incorporating Interacting Particle Systems, Sequential Monte Carlo and a profusion of other simultaneous-discovery names 2014-07-25 โ€“ 2023-03-24
Transformer networks The transformer-powered subtitle for this article is โ€œOur most terrifyingly effective weapon against the forces of evil is our ability to laugh at them.โ€ 2017-12-20 โ€“ 2023-03-22
PDF viewers On turning texts into font rendering errors 2020-02-11 โ€“ 2023-03-21
Deep sets invariant and equivariant functions 2022-11-24 โ€“ 2023-03-21
Ensemble Kalman methods Data Assimilation; Data fusion; Sloppy filters for over-ambitious models 2015-06-22 โ€“ 2023-03-18
Hugo Lightweight static site utility 2020-08-26 โ€“ 2023-03-11
Transport maps Inference by measure transport, low-dimensional couplingโ€ฆ 2018-04-04 โ€“ 2023-02-21
UX 2018-10-16 โ€“ 2023-02-21
Disgust 2019-12-23 โ€“ 2023-02-19
External validity When does what I learn on one data set apply to another? 2020-10-17 โ€“ 2023-02-16
Jupyter UI wrangling What happens inside those notebook cells doesnt stay inside tgose notebook cells 2017-02-09 โ€“ 2023-02-13
UIs in Python interacting with an app, a python app, without too much dicking about 2017-06-03 โ€“ 2023-02-13
Shells That alternative to GUIs by which you replace clicking-on-the-wrong-thing errors with typing-the-wrong-thing errors 2014-10-03 โ€“ 2023-02-09
Predictive coding Does the model that our brains do bayesian variational prediction make any actual predictions about our brains? 2011-11-27 โ€“ 2023-02-09
manim pedagogic animations via python 2018-10-07 โ€“ 2023-02-06
When to argue ad hominem Skin in the game, vested interests, overt and covert prejudices, lived experience, Dunning-Kruger outgroup effects, genealogy of knowledge, aetiology, donatism, genealogy of knowledge 2020-02-01 โ€“ 2023-01-28
Web scraping Turns out we can get information off the internet 2016-06-17 โ€“ 2023-01-24
Models of inequity Sharpening the fuzzy process of bias, discrimination and inequity 2017-08-13 โ€“ 2023-01-19
Javascript audio Every program will expand until the point that it can generate cheezy techno 2011-11-25 โ€“ 2023-01-16
Matplotlib A way to draw things in python, which is better than no way to draw things in python 2014-10-07 โ€“ 2023-01-16
Weaponizing social media Trolls, bots, lulz, infowars and other moods of the modern networked ape 2019-10-21 โ€“ 2023-01-15
Melbourne Australiaโ€™s culture sweatshop 2021-10-18 โ€“ 2023-01-15
Comfy Ubuntu Now with added Pop!_OS 2014-10-14 โ€“ 2023-01-09
Probability divergences Metrics, contrasts and divergences and other ways of quantifying how similar are two randomnesses 2014-11-25 โ€“ 2023-01-06
BibLaTeX Also BibTeX if you must 2020-09-29 โ€“ 2022-12-23
Meditation and enlightenment Fundamental well-being, nondual medidation, non-symbolic experience, samadhi, socially-approved zoning out, YOLโˆž 2016-01-05 โ€“ 2022-12-21
Neural codecs Digital recordings and converting between them. 2020-04-23 โ€“ 2022-12-19
Fitness health Getting swole and/or deferring death 2015-01-17 โ€“ 2022-12-14
Models of computation Turing machines, ฮป-calculus, term-rewriting and other models of what may be computed. 2017-06-18 โ€“ 2022-11-22
Plotly A pretty good plotting system. 2015-11-20 โ€“ 2022-11-06
But what can I do? Recommended behaviour to make society better is to think, then act 2020-02-06 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Scientific writing In which tips are given for the projection of status through nominal phrases and passive voice 2014-12-31 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Blogroll The internet of essays 2008-11-02 โ€“ 2022-11-06
Email hosts Who handles my mail? And what do they do with it? 2020-12-30 โ€“ 2022-11-04
Emancipating my tribe Inclusivism and exclusivism in sacred and secular subcultures. Or, scaling up the in-group. 2021-12-20 โ€“ 2022-11-01
The edge of chaos Computation, evolution, competition and other past-times of faculty 2016-12-01 โ€“ 2022-10-30
Python cluster computing Parallel computing, wherein a head process spawns workers executing some python function 2016-08-23 โ€“ 2022-10-23
Python pickling Parallel computing, wherein assume a head process with spawn workers 2016-08-23 โ€“ 2022-10-23
Anomaly detection I donโ€™t define what is abnormal, but I know it when I see it 2015-10-06 โ€“ 2022-10-20
Editing images Chinks in my armour of learned Photoshop helplessness 2018-10-16 โ€“ 2022-10-13
Data sets Questions for answers looking for questions 2015-06-26 โ€“ 2022-10-08
Forecasting Vegan haruspicy 2015-06-16 โ€“ 2022-10-08
Nootropics The struggle to find a drug that makes you so fast that you save more time taking it than you lose reading about it 2017-08-07 โ€“ 2022-10-06
The blogosphere Now with added newsletter-o-sphere 2014-12-29 โ€“ 2022-10-06
Transcoding Digital recordings and converting between them. 2020-04-23 โ€“ 2022-10-05
Python CLIs Putting the โ€œargumentโ€ in โ€œcommand-line argumentโ€ 2021-07-02 โ€“ 2022-09-29
Squads Small scale collectives 2022-06-25 โ€“ 2022-09-25
Innovation Side order of progress studies now I guess 2014-07-27 โ€“ 2022-09-24
Terminals More realistically, terminal emulators, because anyone who owns an actual working VT102 these days is not using it to do work 2018-10-11 โ€“ 2022-09-06
Learning stuff Shoving knowledge into my brain 2020-06-16 โ€“ 2022-08-30
Managing people Making piece with the fact that I cannot do everything myself 2020-07-19 โ€“ 2022-08-30
Project management With special attention to speculative and innovative projects 2021-03-23 โ€“ 2022-08-28
Semantics Compressed representations of reality for syntactic agents; which might be what meaning means 2014-12-29 โ€“ 2022-08-28
Apptainer Containerized apps for research 2015-11-05 โ€“ 2022-08-22
Video conferencing and other ways of working together, or at least around each other 2015-02-15 โ€“ 2022-08-10
Neural nets with implicit layers Also, declarative networks, bi-level optimization and other ingenious uses of the implicit function theorem 2020-12-08 โ€“ 2022-08-09
Academic blogging workflow Minimising the friction of advertising my thoughts in order to maximise the chance each thought gets advertised. Not covered: maximising quality of thoughts. 2020-05-22 โ€“ 2022-08-07
Urbanism Stuff about cities 2014-12-25 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Causal inference on DAGs Confounding! This scientist performed a miracle graph surgery intervention and you wonโ€™t believe what happened next 2016-10-26 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Futurism Useful ways of imaginatively forecasting 2014-12-31 โ€“ 2022-08-06
Economic inequality Return to capital versus return to labour versus return to state of nature 2014-10-29 โ€“ 2022-08-06
ELBO Evidence lower bound, variational free energy etc 2020-10-02 โ€“ 2022-08-03
Scenius 2020-01-26 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Microstressors Asymmetric interactions in aggregate, microinequity, microaggressions 2020-02-01 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Diversity in teams Multiculturalism, pluralism and eccentricity at small scale 2020-05-27 โ€“ 2022-07-28
Subculture dynamics Coalitions, scenes, fandoms, subcultures, normies, hipsters, sects, and tribes at scale 2018-12-18 โ€“ 2022-07-26
Australia Youโ€™re standing in it 2020-01-25 โ€“ 2022-07-14
Being stroppy For malcontents too perverse to be contrarian like everyone else 2022-03-04 โ€“ 2022-07-06
Comfy GNOME shell Sparing thoughts for the desktop whatsit favoured by the thoughtless 2019-08-13 โ€“ 2022-07-03
Hydrology, applied Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 โ€“ 2022-06-30
Betting 2017-05-09 โ€“ 2022-06-27
Gender identity Political and/or empirical engagement therewith 2017-08-13 โ€“ 2022-06-25
Invasive arguments Inflammatory topics, toxplasmic incidents. Weeds in public discourse 2021-12-20 โ€“ 2022-06-25
Signal sampling Discrete representation of continuous signals and converse 2017-05-30 โ€“ 2022-06-24
Rhetoric Argumentation, descriptive and prescriptive 2017-06-07 โ€“ 2022-06-24
Workhacks How to succeed in business (with or without trying) 2020-07-19 โ€“ 2022-06-14
Institutions Stable orbits in human systems 2014-10-29 โ€“ 2022-06-10
HDF5 A data format I need to know about 2020-06-17 โ€“ 2022-06-08
ssh a.k.a. โ€œSecure shellโ€, which is not actually a shell but an encrypted network protocol that people like to shell with 2014-12-27 โ€“ 2022-06-07
Plants 2020-05-28 โ€“ 2022-06-02
The Illawarra The cheaper bit underneath Sydney comprising Wollongong etc 2022-05-27
Memetics Taste dynamics, opinion dynamics, sincerely-held-belief dynamics etc 2020-01-30 โ€“ 2022-05-14
Email Doing email better, or better, not doing email at all 2015-01-13 โ€“ 2022-05-10
Linux audio Making sound by banging rocks together 44 thousand times per second 2018-04-23 โ€“ 2022-05-01
SLAM Simultaneous Location and Mapping 2014-11-25 โ€“ 2022-04-28
Voting Systems Mathematics and economics of ballots 2014-09-22 โ€“ 2022-04-21
Hierarchical models DAGs, multilevel models, random coefficient models, mixed effect models, structural equation modelsโ€ฆ 2015-06-07 โ€“ 2022-04-21
This is a simulation Can the automaton learn to play the game of life? 2017-04-04 โ€“ 2022-04-09
Myths Aspirationally self-fulfilling narratives, Schelling points in the social construction of reality, stone soups and Tinkerbell effects 2022-02-20 โ€“ 2022-04-07
Air pollution For a new century in which inhaling gets only more dangerous 2019-01-18 โ€“ 2022-04-03
Change points Looking for regime changes in stochastic processes. a.k.a. Switching state space models 2021-11-29 โ€“ 2022-04-01
Random binary vectors The class of distributions that cause you to reinvent Shannon information if you stare at them long enough 2017-02-20 โ€“ 2022-03-30
Sparse coding Wavelets, matching pursuit, overcomplete dictionariesโ€ฆ 2014-11-17 โ€“ 2022-03-07
Website cheat codes CSS, SCSS, SASS, HTML, UX, Web 2.0, RFC, Yeah you know me 2014-12-23 โ€“ 2022-03-06
QR codes Subtitles for robots 2019-10-30 โ€“ 2022-03-06
Subordinators Non-decreasing Lรฉvy processes with weird branding 2019-10-14 โ€“ 2022-02-24
Neurons Neural networks made of real neurons, in functioning brains 2014-11-03 โ€“ 2022-02-14
Diversity in society Pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance, ghettoisation, xenophobic panic 2017-02-19 โ€“ 2022-02-13
Variational inference On fitting something not too far from a pretty good model that is not too hard 2016-03-22 โ€“ 2022-02-10
Cryptocurrencies Imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin 2016-09-06 โ€“ 2022-02-05
Teaching How-to 2020-02-11 โ€“ 2022-02-05
Visualising geospatial data Geographic information systems, or, as we in the trade refer to them, โ€œmapsโ€ 2016-07-04 โ€“ 2022-02-02
Bootstrap Shuffling reality to produce your data 2014-11-26 โ€“ 2022-01-27
Learning on manifolds Finding the lowest bit of a krazy straw, from the inside 2011-10-21 โ€“ 2022-01-26
Psychometrics Dimensionality reduction for souls 2017-10-31 โ€“ 2022-01-26
E-readers Very expensive paper substitute that breaks if I drop it 2016-04-11 โ€“ 2022-01-20
Sex and sexology Incorporating smut, lewdness, and prurience 2020-06-07 โ€“ 2022-01-17
Bounded rationality Plus miscellaneous rationality postulates restricting von Neumann-Morgenstern 2012-01-13 โ€“ 2022-01-15
Social psychology Which of those NPR-friendly studies actually replicated? 2017-02-20 โ€“ 2022-01-14
Linux-compatible laptops I love linux but I hate googling for โ€œwifi hangs after suspendโ€ 2018-05-28 โ€“ 2022-01-11
Standards hell Lock-in, QWERTY, coordination problems etc 2015-01-05 โ€“ 2022-01-11
Presentations Slide decks and other stylised academic dominance displays 2015-06-01 โ€“ 2022-01-09
Stickers Printouts that you do not lose because they are adhered to a very large thing 2020-01-31 โ€“ 2022-01-05
Backups Version control for horrible data 2015-01-02 โ€“ 2022-01-05
Group size Scaling dynamics and network effects in social coordination 2011-12-09 โ€“ 2022-01-02
R The statistical programming language, not the letter 2011-08-07 โ€“ 2021-12-14
Bundled/ packaged apps for Linux On unifying the existing 3 app distribution stand ards by adding 3 additionll app distribution standards 12 2019-08-09 โ€“ 2021-12-02
Pyro Approximate maximum in the density of probabilistic programming effort 2019-10-02 โ€“ 2021-11-25
Gamification โ€œBelated Blogging of a Buzzwordโ€ achievement unlocked 2019-10-27 โ€“ 2021-11-18
Decentralized net services a.k.a. web3, DEX, P2P, Peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend; Internet for an untrustworthy world 2017-09-18 โ€“ 2021-11-15
Digital nostalgia Pixel art, geocities chic, cyberpunk retrofuturism 2020-05-15 โ€“ 2021-11-09
Tip me 2016-09-06 โ€“ 2021-11-04
Survey modelling Adjusting for the Lizardman constant 2019-08-29 โ€“ 2021-10-24
First aid If you are checking this webpage while your colleague bleeds out, you are doing it wrong 2019-02-12 โ€“ 2021-10-22
Eyewear 2020-09-14 โ€“ 2021-10-21
German Fรผr Konsonantkenner 2014-10-17 โ€“ 2021-10-20
(Geo)spatial data sets In which I complain about paying a nominal fee for giant rocket robots that scan the earth from space 2021-03-02 โ€“ 2021-10-13
Printing Offline backups that do not need batteries 2018-10-03 โ€“ 2021-10-11
Science for policy Using evidence and reason to govern ourselves 2011-08-07 โ€“ 2021-09-22
Hygienic masks Medical/anti-infectious masks 2020-08-01 โ€“ 2021-09-20
Fonts Typefaces I need, which is to say, for web pages and scientific papers 2016-01-11 โ€“ 2021-09-18
Heavy tails Weird things about rare massive events 2020-01-13 โ€“ 2021-09-18
GIFs 2019-11-11 โ€“ 2021-09-17
Meta learning Few-shot learning, learning fast weights, learning to learn 2021-09-16
Wirtinger calculus Itโ€™s not complicated / Itโ€™s complex 2019-05-08 โ€“ 2021-09-07
Governance of the commons On the mysterious fact that most people get on with most of their neighbours most of the time 2014-10-29 โ€“ 2021-09-02
Cloud machine learning Cloudimificating my artificial data learning intelligence brain clever science analyticserisation 2016-08-23 โ€“ 2021-09-01
X11, Wayland etc The other antiquated windowing system 2019-08-13 โ€“ 2021-08-18
Hardened mobile Trusting the computer that follows you around all day 2015-02-15 โ€“ 2021-08-07
Cascade models a.k.a. cluster distributions, Galton-Watson models 2019-10-11 โ€“ 2021-08-04
Contact tracing Reverse engineering social graphs for the control of contagions of pathogens, subversive ideology and other substances of interest 2020-03-21 โ€“ 2021-07-28
Publication bias Replication crises, P-values, bitching about journals, other debilities of contemporary science at large 2016-08-30 โ€“ 2021-07-22
Science History, sociology and philosophy thereof 2017-07-08 โ€“ 2021-07-21
IDEs for R Friendly UIs for the almost-friendly statistical programming language 2011-08-07 โ€“ 2021-07-18
Media virality Strategic modelling for content creators 2016-08-30 โ€“ 2021-07-15
Tensorflow The framework to use for deep learning if you groupthink like Google 2016-07-11 โ€“ 2021-07-07
Graph sampling Estimating functionals of graphs 2020-02-15 โ€“ 2021-07-06
Algebraic probability If you liked it then you probโ€™ly put a ring on it 2017-06-15 โ€“ 2021-06-24
ML Koans Passing through the NAND-gate 2021-06-23
Optimal transport metrics Wasserstein distances, Monge-Kantorovich metrics, Earthmover distances 2019-05-30 โ€“ 2021-06-08
Steinโ€™s method His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold / No need to ask / Heโ€™s a Stein operator 2021-03-12 โ€“ 2021-06-01
Ecology 2015-01-27 โ€“ 2021-06-01
Compressing neural nets pruning, compacting and otherwise fitting a good estimate into fewer parameters 2016-10-14 โ€“ 2021-05-07
Free will A matter about which I voluntarily admit I donโ€™t care, but am compelled to have something to link to when eliding 2012-03-16 โ€“ 2021-04-23
Cats 2021-04-14 โ€“ 2021-04-14
Health and chemistry Pollution, ambient poisons and other things it turns out I cannot rely upon the state to protect me from 2021-04-14 โ€“ 2021-04-14
Differentiable model selection Differentiable hyperparameter search, and architecture search, and optimisation optimisation by optimisation and so on 2020-09-25 โ€“ 2021-04-13
Colour 2015-04-07 โ€“ 2021-03-24
Sauna sweating, deliberately 2017-04-06 โ€“ 2021-03-03
Chaos expansions Polynomial chaos, generalized polynomial chaos, arbitrary chaos etc 2020-05-21 โ€“ 2021-02-15
Office software A short note to remind myself how to communicate with people who are compelled to use word processors 2021-02-12
Bayesians vs frequentists Just because we both get the same answer doesnโ€™t mean neither of us is wrong 2014-11-25 โ€“ 2021-01-14
Auditory features descriptors, maps, representations for audio 2019-11-13 โ€“ 2021-01-14
Browse the internet for me Introducing modern automation to the ancient handicrafts of serfing the web and tilling the clickfarm 2016-06-17 โ€“ 2021-01-07
Covariance functions Variograms, Mercer kernels, positive definite operators, spare reproducing kernels for that Hilbert space I bought on eBay real cheap 2019-09-16 โ€“ 2021-01-05
Nowhere to hide A catalogue of terrifying surveillance methods I encounter 2019-07-13 โ€“ 2021-01-03
Audiovisuals Synesthetic and other cross-media audio stunts 2020-10-26
Time Certain quirks of entropy 2020-10-20
Stan The flagship Bayesian workhorse 2020-10-19
Agtech/Agritech Dotcomese for โ€œagricultural technologyโ€ 2020-10-05
AutoML 2017-07-17 โ€“ 2020-10-02
Webcams 2020-09-27 โ€“ 2020-09-26
Data dimensionality reduction Wherein I teach myself, amongst other things, feature selection, how a sparse PCA works, and decide where to file multidimensional scaling 2015-03-22 โ€“ 2020-09-11
Neural nets Designing the fanciest usable differentiable loss surface 2016-10-14 โ€“ 2020-09-09
Causal Bayesian networks Staged tree models, probability trees โ€ฆCausalan Bayesian networks 2020-11-01 โ€“ 2020-09-01
Remote Desktop Business model: Uber for pixels 2019-11-18 โ€“ 2020-07-31
Financial markets Descriptive engagement with reality of 2015-03-14 โ€“ 2020-07-02
Learning of manifolds Also topological data analysis; other hip names to follow 2014-08-19 โ€“ 2020-06-23
Productivity schemes If you can tell me why this placeholder post from 2014 is still consistently in my top 10 most popular posts I would be grateful 2014-10-09 โ€“ 2020-06-05
MAPLE An OK computer algebra system 2020-05-19
C++ 2011-04-06 โ€“ 2020-04-27
Gym togs On getting fancy activewear of low impact to my pocket and the planet 2018-06-03 โ€“ 2020-04-23
Queueing The mathematical field whose major result is enraging you about call centres 2015-06-03 โ€“ 2020-04-06
Tool discovery Settling upon an adequate gizmo to identify other adequate gizmos 2020-02-19 โ€“ 2020-03-12
Restricted isometry properties Plus incoherence, irrepresentability, and other uncertainty bounds for a sparse world, and maybe frame theory, whatโ€™s that now? 2017-06-12 โ€“ 2020-03-09
Bias reduction Estimating the bias of an estimator so as to subtract it off again 2020-02-26
Asynchronous Python It canโ€™t be premature optimisation if it took 20 years to start 2018-03-24 โ€“ 2020-02-17
Sunda 2015-11-07 โ€“ 2020-02-16
R Shiny Statistics through the internet 2020-02-11
Random change of time Stochastic processes derived by varying the rate of timeโ€™s passage, which is more convenient than I imagined 2015-08-05 โ€“ 2020-02-10
Infinitesimal generators Generators of the transition semi-group, connection to Kolmogorov forward equations 2017-05-29 โ€“ 2020-02-05
*-omics 2016-08-12 โ€“ 2020-01-22
Wikis plus also CMSs 2020-01-03 โ€“ 2020-01-02
FFMPEG 2019-11-11 โ€“ 2019-12-23
Controllerism Making thing happen by waving your arms about on stage 2014-11-17 โ€“ 2019-12-10
Clojure 2015-01-05 โ€“ 2019-11-30
Bitwig The DAW I hate least 2016-11-26 โ€“ 2019-11-22
MIDI The near-adequate compromise for digital music that we are stuck with 2015-10-03 โ€“ 2019-11-20
Tunings 2015-10-29 โ€“ 2019-11-18
Phase retrieval Iโ€™ve got the power. / Like the crack of the whip/ I snap attack/ Front to back 2017-01-16 โ€“ 2019-11-07
Oh, Newcastle Newcastle, Australia, not that weird copy in England 2019-10-31
Aksara Sunda แฎƒแฎŠแฎชแฎžแฎ› แฎžแฎฅแฎ”แฎชแฎ“ 2015-10-08 โ€“ 2019-10-30
Ableton Live The de facto standard for techno 2015-01-06 โ€“ 2019-10-24
Rhythm Especially for generative music 2014-11-03 โ€“ 2019-10-23
Sneakernets Intermittent connectivity, mesh networks and the Honda protocol 2015-10-03 โ€“ 2019-09-09
Sandboxing apps Upon letting strangers into your house, just so long as they donโ€™t open the door to that one forbidden room 2019-08-09 โ€“ 2019-08-18
Making and its discontents Also repairers, innovators, maintainers, disruptors and sustainers, but not passive consumers 2018-09-24 โ€“ 2019-05-24
Hollow states Skim government when fat cats drank the cream 2019-03-13
Csound a less irritating audio programming language 2017-03-06 โ€“ 2019-03-07
Inner product spaces The most highly developed theory of squaring things 2019-01-01 โ€“ 2019-02-11
The right words That which I substitute with the long words 2017-06-15 โ€“ 2018-11-07
Atom A text editor I seemed to be using 2017-06-19 โ€“ 2018-11-06
Evidential decision theory I know that you know what I think you know about what we all know about people who write about strong AI online. 2018-10-24
Surviving bash The flagship product of modern unix is certainly better than any other 80s shell 2018-08-10 โ€“ 2018-10-19
Linear algebra If the thing is twice as big, the transformed version of the thing is also twice as big. {End} 2011-04-06 โ€“ 2018-08-07
Sundanese music Karawitan, Ketuk Tilu, Jaipongan, Gamelan Degung, Death Metal and similar 2014-11-11 โ€“ 2018-07-13
Signal processing That which you study for 4 years in order to design trippy music visualisers 2015-03-18 โ€“ 2018-01-05
Matlab A method of charging you licensing fees to use the CPU you already bought 2016-06-13 โ€“ 2017-12-13
Embodiment Itโ€™s easier to teach a robot to walk if it has legs. 2015-01-02 โ€“ 2017-10-14
Quantum probability and quantum information, noncommutative probability 2016-10-16 โ€“ 2017-09-18
Flashcards Spaced repetition systems 2015-01-02 โ€“ 2017-04-01
Scala 2017-02-11 โ€“ 2017-02-28
Statistical learning theory Eventually including structural risk minimisation, risk bounds, hopefully-uniform convergence rates, VC-dimension, generalisation-and-stability framings etc 2016-07-06 โ€“ 2016-08-16
Syntax Formal language theory 2015-01-18 โ€“ 2016-06-22
Visuals 2015-03-24 โ€“ 2015-11-26