Relative age and dating

Quantifying cradle-snatching

Friends of mine in the dating circuit occasionally raise the qualm, about a prospective match: Ah! but they are so much older/younger than me! Is that right? There are various heuristics to address this problem — a match is ok if they are older than half your age plus 10 years, a match is acceptable if they are within +/- 10 years of your age etc. PISH POSH. We can do better than that. This page will be the definitive answer to optimal dating based on selecting partners in the same population quantile as yourself. TBC.

Estimated population statistics are at ABS catalog number 3101.0.

browseVignettes(package = "raustats")
Estimated Resident Population By Single Year Of Age
pop.tables = abs_cat_tables("3101.0")
erp = abs_cat_stats("3101.0", tables="Estimated Resident Population By Single Year Of Age")

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