Moral wetware What ethical operating systems can be executed on our neurosocial substrate? 2020-04-27 – 2023-12-05
Comfort traps On edging life with the optimal amount of friction 2023-09-17 – 2023-11-09
Big history Cliodynamics, deep history, big-picture history 2018-12-18 – 2023-11-06
Misrule, punks and ravers Peasantpunk, expressive incompetence, contrarianism on a budget, metis farming, the feast of fools in suburbia, crusty rituals for the churchless, oxytocin fixes, mock chivalric orders, squads 2018-03-26 – 2023-09-26
Doing it yourself Peasantpunk, artisanal poverty, hobbyism in the open, handicraft fandoms 2018-03-26 – 2023-08-08
Subculture dynamics Coalitions, scenes, fandoms, subcultures, normies, hipsters, sects, and tribes at scale 2018-12-18 – 2022-07-26
Being stroppy For malcontents too perverse to be contrarian like everyone else 2022-03-04 – 2022-07-06
Invasive arguments Inflammatory topics, toxplasmic incidents. Weeds in public discourse 2021-12-20 – 2022-06-25
Memetics Taste dynamics, opinion dynamics, sincerely-held-belief dynamics etc 2020-01-30 – 2022-05-14