Computers are awful together

DNS On asking strangers for directions 2017-10-13 – 2023-10-02
Static websites Websites that are just files on a server, which is all I need 2014-12-29 – 2023-09-19
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Fediverse Mastodon et al 2019-08-12 – 2023-08-30
Nostr Social media for the stroppy 2023-08-08 – 2023-08-09
Feed readers Automated content aggregation for an internet designed to inform you rather than distract you 2016-06-29 – 2023-07-17
Syncthing A good, easy, peer-to-peer free Dropbox-like system for the modern paranoid age 2019-01-02 – 2023-07-04
Email clients on linux The constant low-level grind of a long term co-dependent relationship 2020-04-21 – 2023-04-05
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Video conferencing and other ways of working together, or at least around each other 2015-02-15 – 2022-08-10
ssh a.k.a. “Secure shell”, which is not actually a shell but an encrypted network protocol that people like to shell with 2014-12-27 – 2022-06-07
Email Doing email better, or better, not doing email at all 2015-01-13 – 2022-05-10
Cryptocurrencies Imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin 2016-09-06 – 2022-02-05
Decentralized net services a.k.a. web3, DEX, P2P, Peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend; Internet for an untrustworthy world 2017-09-18 – 2021-11-15
Contact tracing Reverse engineering social graphs for the control of contagions of pathogens, subversive ideology and other substances of interest 2020-03-21 – 2021-07-28
Media virality Strategic modelling for content creators 2016-08-30 – 2021-07-15
Browse the internet for me Introducing modern automation to the ancient handicrafts of serfing the web and tilling the clickfarm 2016-06-17 – 2021-01-07
Sneakernets Intermittent connectivity, mesh networks and the Honda protocol 2015-10-03 – 2019-09-09