Syncthing A good, easy, peer-to-peer free Dropbox-like system for the modern paranoid age 2019-01-02 – 2023-07-04
UIs in Python interacting with an app, a python app, without too much dicking about 2017-06-03 – 2023-02-13
Python cluster computing Parallel computing, wherein a head process spawns workers executing some python function 2016-08-23 – 2022-10-23
Python pickling Parallel computing, wherein assume a head process with spawn workers 2016-08-23 – 2022-10-23
Decentralized net services a.k.a. web3, DEX, P2P, Peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend; Internet for an untrustworthy world 2017-09-18 – 2021-11-15
Cloud machine learning Cloudimificating my artificial data learning intelligence brain clever science analyticserisation 2016-08-23 – 2021-09-01
Asynchronous Python It can’t be premature optimisation if it took 20 years to start 2018-03-24 – 2020-02-17