Fish shell A command line shell that does not think that the problem is you 2019-03-30 – 2023-06-02
LaTeX …and ΤeΧ, and ConTeXt and XeTeX and TeXleMeElmo 2014-09-08 – 2023-04-24
Quantified self Instrumentation and analytics for body and soul. Punk DIY precision medicine. 2022-01-11 – 2023-04-24
pandoc An itemised list of the esoteric difficulties involved in bullet points 2019-07-17 – 2023-04-20
Code editors The best thing since punchcards 2014-11-11 – 2023-04-14
Markdown An itemised list of the esoteric difficulties involved in bullet points 2019-07-17 – 2023-04-13
Jupyter front end systems UX design by underfunded committee is how I like my data science experience 2017-02-09 – 2023-04-12
Email clients on linux The constant low-level grind of a long term co-dependent relationship 2020-04-21 – 2023-04-05
Zotero The adequate citation tool 2019-12-01 – 2023-03-18
Feed readers Automated content aggregation for an internet designed to inform you rather than distract you 2016-06-29 – 2023-03-11
Hugo Lightweight static site utility 2020-08-26 – 2023-03-11
Jupyter The least excruciating compromise between ease of 1) doing data science and 2) seeming to laypeople to be doing data science 2017-02-09 – 2023-02-23
Research discovery Has someone answered that question I have not worked out how to ask yet? 2019-01-22 – 2023-02-16
Jupyter UI wrangling What happens inside those notebook cells doesnt stay inside tgose notebook cells 2017-02-09 – 2023-02-13
Tolerating Jupyter’s file format In order to make your python code accessible, we wrapped it into encoded javascript strings. No need to thank us. 2017-02-09 – 2023-02-13
Shells That alternative to GUIs by which you replace clicking-on-the-wrong-thing errors with typing-the-wrong-thing errors 2014-10-03 – 2023-02-09
Diagrams Of the kind I need, a practical guide to the creation thereof 2015-03-02 – 2023-02-02
Web scraping Turns out we can get information off the internet 2016-06-17 – 2023-01-24
Quarto Swiss army knife for hand-whittling scientific reports, slides and blogs 2022-05-01 – 2023-01-03
BibLaTeX Also BibTeX if you must 2020-09-29 – 2022-12-23
Meditation Socially-approved zoning out 2016-01-05 – 2022-12-21
Time management The psychology of getting stuff done 2017-06-18 – 2022-11-08
Bio marker tracking We are probably not going to optimize ourselves out of mortality, but it feels good to try nonetheless 2022-01-11 – 2022-11-07
Blogroll The internet of essays 2008-11-02 – 2022-11-06
Email hosts Who handles my mail? And what do they do with it? 2020-12-30 – 2022-11-04
Akrasia Description to come later 2017-06-18 – 2022-10-09
Nootropics The struggle to find a drug that makes you so fast that you save more time taking it than you lose reading about it 2017-08-07 – 2022-10-06
The blogosphere Now with added newsletter-o-sphere 2014-12-29 – 2022-10-06
Terminals More realistically, terminal emulators, because anyone who owns an actual working VT102 these days is not using it to do work 2018-10-11 – 2022-09-06
Learning stuff Shoving knowledge into my brain 2020-06-16 – 2022-08-30
Managing people Making piece with the fact that I cannot do everything myself 2020-07-19 – 2022-08-30
Project management With special attention to speculative and innovative projects 2021-03-23 – 2022-08-28
Technological singularities Incorporating hard AI take-offs, game-over high scores, the technium, deus-ex-machina, deus-ex-nube, nerd raptures and so forth 2016-12-01 – 2022-08-10
Academic blogging workflow Minimising the friction of advertising my thoughts in order to maximise the chance each thought gets advertised. Not covered: maximising quality of thoughts. 2020-05-22 – 2022-08-07
Trapped beliefs Thinking now what made sense then 2022-04-09 – 2022-08-06
Data dashboards and ML demos On assuring the client that you are doing something data-sciency because it looks like in the movies 2020-03-12 – 2022-07-28
Diversity in teams Multiculturalism, pluralism and eccentricity at small scale 2020-05-27 – 2022-07-28
Science communication On making people feel they are smart enough to teach themselves, or failing that, that they are smart enough to fund YOU to teach yourself 2021-06-02 – 2022-07-05
Taking notes Notes on notes on notes 2020-02-17 – 2022-06-29
Workhacks How to succeed in business (with or without trying) 2020-07-19 – 2022-06-14
Email Doing email better, or better, not doing email at all 2015-01-13 – 2022-05-10
Blogdown Plus other RMarkdown-derived scholarly blogging systems 2020-08-26 – 2022-04-17
Diversity in society Pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance, ghettoisation, xenophobic panic 2017-02-19 – 2022-02-13
Academic reading workflow The continuing ascendancy of using piles of dead tree products for understanding cutting edge digital informatics 2016-04-11 – 2022-02-13
Teaching How-to 2020-02-11 – 2022-02-05
E-readers Very expensive paper substitute that breaks if I drop it 2016-04-11 – 2022-01-20
Presentations Slide decks and other stylised academic dominance displays 2015-06-01 – 2022-01-09
Science History, sociology and philosophy thereof 2017-07-08 – 2021-07-21
The simplest thing Minimum viable whatever, worse is better, PC-losering, Postel chaos, Burkean engineering 2020-02-03 – 2021-04-27
Office software A short note to remind myself how to communicate with people who are compelled to use word processors 2021-02-12
Browse the internet for me Introducing modern automation to the ancient handicrafts of serfing the web and tilling the clickfarm 2016-06-17 – 2021-01-07
Productivity schemes If you can tell me why this placeholder post from 2014 is still consistently in my top 10 most popular posts I would be grateful 2014-10-09 – 2020-06-05
Visualising data Philosophy and psychology of good plots 2016-07-04 – 2020-03-19
Tool discovery Settling upon an adequate gizmo to identify other adequate gizmos 2020-02-19 – 2020-03-12
Wikis plus also CMSs 2020-01-03 – 2020-01-02
3d data A grab bag of point clouds, volumetric data and photogrammetry 2019-02-15
Atom A text editor I seemed to be using 2017-06-19 – 2018-11-06
Flashcards Spaced repetition systems 2015-01-02 – 2017-04-01