Transformer networks The transformer-powered subtitle recommendation for this article was “Our most terrifyingly effective weapon against the forces of evil is our ability to laugh at them.” 2017-12-20 – 2023-02-02
Quantified self Instrumentation and analytics for body and soul. 2022-01-11 – 2023-01-22
Deep sets invariant and equivariant functions 2022-11-24 – 2022-12-08
The edge of chaos Computation, evolution, competition and other past-times of faculty 2016-12-01 – 2022-10-30
Φ-Flow A modern python computational fluid dynamics library for ML research 2022-06-24 – 2022-10-04
Hydrology, applied Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 – 2022-08-30
Technological singularities Incorporating hard AI take-offs, game-over high scores, the technium, deus-ex-machina, deus-ex-nube, nerd raptures and so forth 2016-12-01 – 2022-08-10
Neural nets with implicit layers Also, declarative networks, bi-level optimization and other ingenious uses of the implicit function theorem 2020-12-08 – 2022-08-09
Causal inference on DAGs Confounding! This scientist performed a miracle graph surgery intervention and you won’t believe what happened next 2016-10-26 – 2022-08-06
Hydrology, applied Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 – 2022-06-30
SLAM Simultaneous Location and Mapping 2014-11-25 – 2022-04-28
Hierarchical models DAGs, multilevel models, random coefficient models, mixed effect models, structural equation models… 2015-06-07 – 2022-04-21
Neurons Neural networks made of real neurons, in functioning brains 2014-11-03 – 2022-02-14
ML on small devices Putting intelligence on chips small enough to be in disconcerting places 2016-10-14 – 2021-07-13
ML Koans Passing through the NAND-gate 2021-06-23
Compressing neural nets pruning, compacting and otherwise fitting a good estimate into fewer parameters 2016-10-14 – 2021-05-07
Auditory features descriptors, maps, representations for audio 2019-11-13 – 2021-01-14
Audiovisuals Synesthetic and other cross-media audio stunts 2020-10-26
Dimensionality reduction Wherein I teach myself, amongst other things, feature selection, how a sparse PCA works, and decide where to file multidimensional scaling 2015-03-22 – 2020-09-11
Neural nets Designing the fanciest usable differentiable loss surface 2016-10-14 – 2020-09-09
Learning of manifolds Also topological data analysis; other hip names to follow 2014-08-19 – 2020-06-23
Controllerism Making thing happen by waving your arms about on stage 2014-11-17 – 2019-12-10
ISMIR 2019 Music Nerds in Delft 2019-11-04 – 2019-11-09