Research discovery Has someone answered that question I have not worked out how to ask yet? 2019-01-22 – 2023-06-06
Quantified self Instrumentation and analytics for body and soul. Punk DIY precision medicine. 2022-01-11 – 2023-04-24
Metis and .*-rationality High modernism,, spontaneous order, legibility, the Great Society, technocracy, local knowledge 2017-07-24 – 2023-04-22
Cheap talk Sapir-Whorf politeness, virtue signalling etc 2020-02-01 – 2023-04-11
Predictive coding Does the model that our brains do bayesian variational prediction make any actual predictions about our brains? 2011-11-27 – 2023-02-09
When to argue ad hominem Skin in the game, vested interests, overt and covert prejudices, lived experience, Dunning-Kruger outgroup effects, genealogy of knowledge, aetiology, donatism, genealogy of knowledge 2020-02-01 – 2023-01-28
Time management The psychology of getting stuff done 2017-06-18 – 2022-11-08
Bio marker tracking We are probably not going to optimize ourselves out of mortality, but it feels good to try nonetheless 2022-01-11 – 2022-11-07
Emancipating my tribe Inclusivism and exclusivism in sacred and secular subcultures. Or, scaling up the in-group. 2021-12-20 – 2022-11-01
Akrasia Description to come later 2017-06-18 – 2022-10-09
Learning stuff Shoving knowledge into my brain 2020-06-16 – 2022-08-30
Managing people Making piece with the fact that I cannot do everything myself 2020-07-19 – 2022-08-30
Project management With special attention to speculative and innovative projects 2021-03-23 – 2022-08-28
Semantics Compressed representations of reality for syntactic agents; which might be what meaning means 2014-12-29 – 2022-08-28
Status The original karma system 2019-10-25 – 2022-08-26
Technological singularities Incorporating hard AI take-offs, game-over high scores, the technium, deus-ex-machina, deus-ex-nube, nerd raptures and so forth 2016-12-01 – 2022-08-10
Trapped beliefs Thinking now what made sense then 2022-04-09 – 2022-08-06
Microstressors Asymmetric interactions in aggregate, microinequity, microaggressions 2020-02-01 – 2022-07-28
Diversity in teams Multiculturalism, pluralism and eccentricity at small scale 2020-05-27 – 2022-07-28
Science communication On making people feel they are smart enough to teach themselves, or failing that, that they are smart enough to fund YOU to teach yourself 2021-06-02 – 2022-07-05
Rhetoric Argumentation, descriptive and prescriptive 2017-06-07 – 2022-06-24
Workhacks How to succeed in business (with or without trying) 2020-07-19 – 2022-06-14
Memetics Taste dynamics, opinion dynamics, sincerely-held-belief dynamics etc 2020-01-30 – 2022-05-14
Myths Aspirationally self-fulfilling narratives, Schelling points in the social construction of reality, stone soups and Tinkerbell effects 2022-02-20 – 2022-04-07
Neurons Neural networks made of real neurons, in functioning brains 2014-11-03 – 2022-02-14
Diversity in society Pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance, ghettoisation, xenophobic panic 2017-02-19 – 2022-02-13
Teaching How-to 2020-02-11 – 2022-02-05
Psychometrics Dimensionality reduction for souls 2017-10-31 – 2022-01-26
Bounded rationality Plus miscellaneous rationality postulates restricting von Neumann-Morgenstern 2012-01-13 – 2022-01-15
Social psychology Which of those NPR-friendly studies actually replicated? 2017-02-20 – 2022-01-14
Group size Scaling dynamics and network effects in social coordination 2011-12-09 – 2022-01-02
Gamification “Belated Blogging of a Buzzword” achievement unlocked 2019-10-27 – 2021-11-18
Science for policy Using evidence and reason to govern ourselves 2011-08-07 – 2021-09-22
Governance of the commons On the mysterious fact that most people get on with most of their neighbours most of the time 2014-10-29 – 2021-09-02
Science History, sociology and philosophy thereof 2017-07-08 – 2021-07-21
The simplest thing Minimum viable whatever, worse is better, PC-losering, Postel chaos, Burkean engineering 2020-02-03 – 2021-04-27
Free will A matter about which I voluntarily admit I don’t care, but am compelled to have something to link to when eliding 2012-03-16 – 2021-04-23
Health and chemistry Pollution, ambient poisons and other things it turns out I cannot rely upon the state to protect me from 2021-04-14 – 2021-04-14
Colour 2015-04-07 – 2021-03-24
Productivity schemes If you can tell me why this placeholder post from 2014 is still consistently in my top 10 most popular posts I would be grateful 2014-10-09 – 2020-06-05
Evidential decision theory I know that you know what I think you know about what we all know about people who write about strong AI online. 2018-10-24
Flashcards Spaced repetition systems 2015-01-02 – 2017-04-01