Matplotlib A way to draw things in python which is better than no way to draw things in python 2014-10-07 – 2022-05-09
Free content Raiding history for clip art 2014-08-31 – 2022-04-20
Data dashboards and ML demos On assuring the client that you are doing something data-sciency because it looks like in the movies 2020-03-12 – 2022-03-07
Website cheat codes CSS, SCSS, SASS, HTML, UX, Web 2.0, RFC, Yeah you know me 2014-12-23 – 2022-03-06
Presentations Slide decks and other stylised academic dominance displays 2015-06-01 – 2022-01-09
Diagrams Of the kind I need, a practical guide to the creation thereof 2015-03-02 – 2021-11-11
Transcoding Digital recordings and converting between them. 2020-04-23 – 2021-10-30
GIFs 2019-11-11 – 2021-09-17
Editing images Chinks in my armour of learned Photoshop helplessness 2018-10-16 – 2021-08-12
Pornography Morsels of oddity from the depiction of human sexual behaviour 2020-04-22 – 2021-05-07
Audiovisuals Synesthetic and other cross-media audio stunts 2020-10-26
3d data A grab bag of point clouds, volumetric data and photogrammetry 2019-02-15