*nixen, Posix OSes

UNIX - Server Rudolf Schuba used under Creative Commons licensing.

Terminals More realistically, terminal emulators, because anyone who owns an actual working VT102 these days is not using it to do work 2018-10-11 – 2022-09-06
Comfy GNOME shell Sparing thoughts for the desktop whatsit favoured by the thoughtless 2019-08-13 – 2022-07-03
Fish shell A command line shell that does not think that the problem is you 2019-03-30 – 2022-03-04
Comfy Ubuntu Now with added Pop!_OS 2014-10-14 – 2022-01-08
X11, Wayland etc The other antiquated windowing system 2019-08-13 – 2021-08-18
Surviving bash The flagship product of modern unix is certainly better than any other 80s shell 2018-08-10 – 2018-10-19