Signal processing

Branding exercise within statistics and functional analysis focussing on the tricks that are most marketable to telecommunications firms.

Smooth transforms of Gaussian noise Delta method, error propagation, unscented transform, Taylor expansion, in finite and inifinite dimensional spaces 2014-11-25 – 2022-05-12
SLAM Simultaneous Location and Mapping 2014-11-25 – 2022-04-28
Particle filters incorporating Interacting Particle Systems, Sequential Monte Carlo and a profusion of other simultaneous-discovery names 2014-07-25 – 2022-04-10
Change points Looking for regime changes in stochastic processes. a.k.a. Switching state space models 2021-11-29 – 2022-04-01
Sparse coding Wavelets, matching pursuit, overcomplete dictionaries… 2014-11-17 – 2022-03-07
Auditory features descriptors, maps, representations for audio 2019-11-13 – 2021-01-14
Covariance functions Variograms, Mercer kernels, positive definite operators, spare reproducing kernels for that Hilbert space I bought on eBay real cheap 2019-09-16 – 2021-01-05
Audiovisuals Synesthetic and other cross-media audio stunts 2020-10-26
Bandit problems Also reinforcement learning and stochastic control 2014-11-27 – 2020-10-16
Audiobooks Long form podcasts 2014-11-11 – 2020-05-27
Restricted isometry properties Plus incoherence, irrepresentability, and other uncertainty bounds for a sparse world, and maybe frame theory, what’s that now? 2017-06-12 – 2020-03-09
ISMIR 2019 Music Nerds in Delft 2019-11-04 – 2019-11-09
Rhythm Especially for generative music 2014-11-03 – 2019-10-23
Signal sampling Discrete representation of continuous signals and converse 2017-05-30 – 2019-03-08
Signal processing That which you study for 4 years in order to design trippy music visualisers 2015-03-18 – 2018-01-05
Matlab A method of charging you licensing fees to use the CPU you already bought 2016-06-13 – 2017-12-13