Topics upon which I am unwisely sarcastic.

Cheap talk Sapir-Whorf politeness, virtue signalling etc 2020-02-01 – 2023-04-11
When to argue ad hominem Skin in the game, vested interests, overt and covert prejudices, lived experience, Dunning-Kruger outgroup effects, genealogy of knowledge, aetiology, donatism, genealogy of knowledge 2020-02-01 – 2023-01-28
Trapped beliefs Thinking now what made sense then 2022-04-09 – 2022-08-06
Microstressors Asymmetric interactions in aggregate, microinequity, microaggressions 2020-02-01 – 2022-07-28
Institutions Stable orbits in human systems 2014-10-29 – 2022-06-10
Social psychology Which of those NPR-friendly studies actually replicated? 2017-02-20 – 2022-01-14
Group size Scaling dynamics and network effects in social coordination 2011-12-09 – 2022-01-02
Free will A matter about which I voluntarily admit I don’t care, but am compelled to have something to link to when eliding 2012-03-16 – 2021-04-23
Embodiment It’s easier to teach a robot to walk if it has legs. 2015-01-02 – 2017-10-14