External validity Transfer learning, dataset shift, learning under covariate shift, transferable learning, domain adaptation etc 2020-10-17 – 2020-10-22
Stan The flagship Bayesian workhorse 2020-10-19
Bootstrap Shuffling reality to produce your data 2014-11-26 – 2020-10-16
Psychometrics Dimensionality reduction for souls 2017-10-31 – 2020-10-05
R The statistical programming language, not the letter 2011-08-07 – 2020-10-04
Tests, statistical Maybe also design of experiments while we are here? 2014-08-23 – 2020-09-21
Dimensionality reduction Wherein I teach myself, amongst other things, feature selection, how a sparse PCA works, and decide where to file multidimensional scaling 2015-03-22 – 2020-09-11
Publication bias Replication crises, P-values, bitching about journals, other debilities of contemporary science at large 2016-08-30 – 2020-09-07
Data dashboards On assuring the client that you are doing something data-sciency via clickable widgets 2020-03-12 – 2020-09-02
Causal inference on DAGs Confounding! This scientist performed miracle graph surgery during an intervention and you won’t believe what happened next 2016-10-26 – 2020-09-01
Probabilistic programming programming with probability distributions for, e.g. Bayesian inference or other inference 2019-10-02 – 2020-08-31
Learning of manifolds Also topological data analysis; other hip names to follow 2014-08-19 – 2020-06-23
Memetics Taste and opinion dynamics 2020-01-30 – 2020-06-16
Covariance functions Mercer kernels, positive definite operators, spare reproducing kernels for that Hilbert space I bought on eBay real cheap 2019-09-16 – 2020-05-28
Tensorflow The framework to use for deep learning if you groupthink like Google 2016-07-11 – 2020-05-15
Survey modelling Adjusting for the Lizardman constant 2019-08-29 – 2020-04-21
Particle filters incorporating Interacting Particle Systems, Sequential Monte Carlo and a profusion of other simultaneous-discovery names 2014-07-25 – 2020-04-08
Queueing The mathematical field whose major result is enraging you about call centres 2015-06-03 – 2020-04-06
Model averaging On keeping many incorrect hypotheses and using them all as one goodish one 2017-06-20 – 2020-03-22
Bias reduction Estimating the bias of an estimator so as to subtract it off again 2020-02-26
R Shiny Statistics through the internet 2020-02-11
Free energy Fancy analogy for understanding cognition 2011-11-27 – 2019-12-11
Classification Labelling losses, fitting classifiers etc 2017-02-20 – 2019-11-13
Probability divergences Metrics, contrasts and divergences and other ways of quantifying how similar are two randomnesses 2014-11-25 – 2019-11-12
Bayesians vs frequentists Just because we both get the same answer doesn’t mean neither of us is wrong 2014-11-25 – 2019-10-19
Data sets Questions for answers looking for questions 2015-06-26 – 2019-09-25
Hierarchical models DAGs, multilevel models, random coefficient models, mixed effect models… 2015-06-07 – 2019-08-19
Signal sampling Discrete representation of continuous signals and converse 2017-05-30 – 2019-03-08
Learning on manifolds Finding the lowest bit of a krazy straw, from the inside 2011-10-21 – 2018-11-16
Anomaly detection I don’t define what is normal, but I know it when I see it 2015-10-06 – 2018-10-22
Signal processing That which you study for 4 years in order to design trippy music visualisers 2015-03-18 – 2018-01-05