Hydrology models Rivers, aquifers and other wet things that can flood your house 2020-09-07 – 2022-01-24
Predictive coding Do our brains do variational learning and active inference in any rigorous way? 2011-11-27 – 2022-01-09
Hyperparameter optimization Replacing a hyperparameter problem with a hyperhyperparameter problem which feels like progress I guess 2020-09-25 – 2021-10-20
Meta learning Few-shot learning, learning fast weights, learning to learn 2021-09-16
Differentiable model selection Differentiable hyperparameter search, and architecture search, and optimisation optimisation by optimisation and so on 2020-09-25 – 2021-04-13
Time Certain quirks of entropy 2020-10-20
AutoML 2017-07-17 – 2020-10-02
Informations Entropies and other measures of surprise 2011-11-25 – 2019-09-10
Statistical learning theory Eventually including structural risk minimisation, risk bounds, hopefully-uniform convergence rates, VC-dimension, generalisation-and-stability framings etc 2016-07-06 – 2016-08-16