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UNIX - Server Rudolf Schuba used under Creative Commons licensing.

Comfy GNOME shell Sparing thoughts for the desktop whatsit favoured by the thoughtless 2019-08-13 – 2021-05-02
Tiling window managers Basing your workflow off Tetris seems like a great use of time 2019-08-13 – 2021-04-26
Linux-compatible laptops I love linux but I hate googling for “wifi hangs after suspend” 2018-05-28 – 2021-04-11
Terminals More realistically, terminal emulators, because anyone who is owns an actual working VT102 these days is not using it to do work 2018-10-11 – 2021-03-03
Surviving bash The flagship product of modern unix is certainly better than any other 80s shell 2018-08-10 – 2018-10-19