A data format I need to know about

HDF5: (Python/R/Java/C/Fortan/MATLAB/whatever) An optimised and flexible data format from the Big Science applications of the 90s. Inbuilt compression and indexing support for things too big for memory. A good default with wide support and good performance. For numerical data very simple.

The table definition when writing structured data is booooring and it mangles text encodings if you arenā€™t careful, which ends up meaning a surprising amount of time can be lost to writing schemas if there is highly structured data to store.

Built-in lossless compression in HDF5 is not impressive on floats, and their lossy compression is bad. Recent HDF5 supports filters providing fancier methods.

I am currently doing a lot of heave HDF5 processing, so this is cruffy.


I have been trying to use compression from HDF5, but the built-in options are not great. Extended lossy compression is available via hdf5.

Untidy notes

Parallel access

HDF5 with multiple processes is complicated; may be worthwhile.

Useful tools: visualisers.

To install hdf5py using the homebrew HDF5 libraries (useful for Apple Silicon or other weird architectures) try this tip:

brew install hdf5
HDF5_DIR="$(brew --prefix hdf5)" pip install --no-binary=h5py h5py
HDF5_DIR="$(brew --prefix hdf5)" pip install --no-build-isolation h5py

Virtual datasets

a.k.a. arrays-made-up-of-multiple-arrays-across-multiple-files.

I wonder how this interacts with parallelism? How about when writing? It sounds like that is a supported means of getting multiple writers if we are careful.


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