Why not just contact me?

As per Michael Herrmann’s idea:

One of my purposes for running this site is to talk to people about research, either for theory or for spinning up some project in the real world. So get in touch about you idea; we can talk.

Patrick McKenzie’s blog has suggestions about how to do this kind of thing.

You can find me on keybase.io/danmackinlay, hypothes.is, LinkedIn. Retroshare: ABAu4KZ0vLigi6mWEZ5vTFSZAxRmRg2qGeMto44twDcP1DSx0Tvc+wENc251Z3BvY2FseXBzZQQDWY1Z, SSB: @GccFBnmWOl2IB5l1rJjEZX9J4T8jLgmDQcAON5mzBOY=.ed25519

Nerds can get some clues as to how rapidly I will respond based on the following graph: