Things that I think should be noted and file in an orderly fashion but I have no time for. This will change incessantly; I would advise against linking to it.

I keep meaning to bookmark entertaining contrarian Cory Clark.

TraceTogether the Singaporean tracing app is open source now.

Another free/libre Microsoft Office clone: FreeOffice. Looks less bloated than OpenOffice maybe?

Michael Coscia’s new paper uses a graph Laplacian to calculate an approximate Earth mover distance over a graph topology. (buzzword use case: inferring graph transmission rate of a disease interpretably). This looks simple; surely it must be a known result in optimal transport metric studies?

Parsing text tags into one-hot encodings for tensorflow Privacy-respecting computing approaches are getting important in this time of epidemics. New notebook?

I would like to read the Kernelized Stein Discrepancy tutorial.

China launches national blockchain.

overengineered shopping list grocy probably won’t replace my just-right-engineered-but-deprecated shopping list Wunderlist.

online experiment power calculator tells you how many data points you need to have and thus whether it is likely you can (dis) prove the thing with the budget you have.

Anrej’s popular unromantic messy guide to training neural nets in practice

bitcoin during financial crisis

this guide to pruning multihead attention NN should probably go somewhere useful if i actually end up doing NLP like al lthe recruiters seem to want. provides minimalist dynamically updating badges that track project activity, e.g. github closed issues. Most useful are the activity batches, e.g. .

Linux Magic System Request Key Hacks are commands you can run in the kernel via a key combination. They look seem useful, and also like massive security risk. I am not clear if they are enabled per default on typical machines.

Wei_Dai, What determines the balance between intelligence signaling and virtue signaling?.

…civilization depends very much on the positive side effects of (not necessarily conscious) intelligence and virtue signaling, as channeled by various institutions. As evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller says, “it’s all signaling all the way down.”

FM radio from your computer. It is kind of built-in to the rasppi GPIO clock output. proper antenna design.

Networking over audio, or even low-bandwidth radio is a whole fascinating enthusiast community on the internet. Airchat is a low-bandwidth acoustic chat wossname targetting FM type broadcasts. Initial reviews were negative. fldigi is possibly the leading generic data transfer tool here. Typical modes not fast; you might be able to type faster. soundmodel is another suite of audio transmission tools; the maintainer has vanished. an example of usage shows what can happen ehre. Packet radio is built on soundmodem.

Vlad Alex (Merzmensch) 12 Colab Notebooks that matter StyleGAN, GPT-2, StyleTransfer, DeOldify, Magenta etc. to try out.

Escape pod is an auditory science fiction magazine. Whcih means podcast.

RECS on subreddits notes:

/r/EthTrader. Of course the Ethereum community would build a labyrinthian reputation system on top of Reddit! Like the cryptocurrency itself, the rules for this subreddit are complex, but here's the TLDR version: They distribute points ("Donuts"), based on engagement, which can be used to purchase various site features. There's a special tax system, called the Hamburger Tax, which.... ah heck, as they say in the cryptoverse, just read the white paper.

Nick Chater, Would you Stand Up to An Oppressive Regime

CZEdwards, The Money Laundry is an excellent divergence into how money laundering works in the contemporary world.

Conjugate functions illustrated.

I should lobby citation styles for URL support to prevent the entire project being quaintly mired in woodpulp. Here is where to do it.

Francis Bach on the use of geometric sums and a different take by Julyan Arbel.

Immoral mazes an essay series by thezvi about a bunch of topics are dear to me in one package which I am therefore looking forward to reading.

Tutorial to approximating differentiable control problems. An extension of this is universal differential equations.

Cosma’s explanation of SDEs looks good for cannibalising for parts when I write my own.

WSC 2020 deadline April 3.


Optimism as collective action glue in The Remnant podcast.

fman the weird alternative Finder/Nemo/Windows Explorer.

Andreessen Horowitz critique AI startup hype that claims we have a unicorn factory.

collaborative reading tool zocurelia combines zotero and

Chuang, Social Contagion: Microbial class warfare in China

In this sense, the outbreak presents two opportunities for reflection: First, it is an instructive opening in which we might review substantial questions about how capitalist production relates to the non-human world at a more fundamental level—how, in short, the “natural world,” including its microbiological substrata, cannot be understood without reference to how society organizes production (because the two are not, in fact, separate). At the same time, this is a reminder that the only communism worth the name is one that includes the potential of a fully politicized naturalism. Second, we can also use this moment of isolation for our own sort of reflection on the present state of Chinese society. Some things only become clear when everything grinds to an unexpected halt, and a slowdown of this sort cannot help but make previously obscured tensions visible. Below, then, we’ll explore both these questions, showing not only how capitalist accumulation produces such plagues, but also how the moment of pandemic is itself a contradictory instance of political crisis, making visible to people the unseen potentials and dependencies of the world around them, while also offering yet another excuse for the extension of systems of control even further into everyday life.

Could do with a tighter edit and a less polemical tone but some interesting ideas in there.

Indyweb braindump

indywebify hugo. micropub for static sites 1. micropub for statics sites 2. misc static site recs. Jeff Huang on durable websites targets professors. Netlify functions allow indy auth. eleventy is a site generator that tries to claw back simplicity from scope creep. gatsby supports webmentions. microformat metadata by example. Monocle is a nice looking reader that is very popular accessing this site. There is a version online.