Julia interoperation and IO

IO and interoperation for Julia. Closely related: Julia GUIs and networking.


See the API list


Sort of easy, but there is a tedious need to define the call signature at call time. Survivable.



This package provides an interface from R to Julia, based on the XR structure, as implemented in the XR package, in this repository.

RCall embeds R into julia, which is weird and not quite what I need to appeal to R users.

OTOH JuliaCall, which embed Julia in R, might be the goods.


PyCall.jl invokes python. It has annoying defaults. See the IJulia setup for some examples of how it goes.

Data loading/saving/exchange

The names are nearly all self explaining

External programs

simple enough, as I note at (julia plotting](./plotting_in_julia.html#svg-latex):

run(`inkscape -D -z --file=image.svg --export-pdf=image.pdf --export-latex`)

I should make an example of one which creates a temporary pipe and streams data to it.

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