February 7, 2024 — February 7, 2024

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Typst reimagines LaTeX with modern tech and workflow.

Typst is a new markup-based typesetting system that is designed to be as powerful as LaTeX while being much easier to learn and use. Typst has:

  • Built-in markup for the most common formatting tasks
  • Flexible functions for everything else
  • A tightly integrated scripting system
  • Math typesetting, bibliography management, and more
  • Fast compile times thanks to incremental compilation
  • Friendly error messages in case something goes wrong

I suspect they are doomed because while they solve the horrible, awful, nastybad misfeatures of most of the LaTeX workflow, they are fighting an uphill battle with compatibility.

But maybe not. It has some momentum. There is a public app, somewhat like overleaf.com, for collaborative work, at typst.app. It is a supported backend for quarto.

It seems to only generate PDFs at the moment, which is not quite what I need.

Extensions look easy. For example there is a procedural diagram extension Cetz.