Video editing

Video editing. This is not my day job so I want to spend little money on it. So here are some cheap options, especially free/libre video editors. New open-source ones are launched with curious regularity and get quite a lot of hype. I do not do enough video editing to have opinions upon the dynamics of this.

MLT derivatives

MLT is a video editing framework. There are at least two actual video editors built upon it, which both seem to be fairly actively developed.


openshot (Windows/Macos/Linux) also edits video.


Flowblade is an editor of moving image. Its unique selling point is that it is Linux-only. It seems to be a python-GTK3 app which is bold but OK.


OBS is not a video editor, but it might do what you want nonetheless; since it facilitates live composing, recording and streaming of multiple video and audio sources.

Routing video live

See video routers.

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