Video editing

Video editing. This is not my day job so I want to spend little money on it. So here are some cheap options, especially free/libre video editors. New open-source ones are launched with curious regularity and get quite a lot of hype. I do not do enough video editing to have opinions upon the dynamics of this.

MLT derivatives

MLT is a video editing framework. There are at least two actual video editors built upon it, which both seem to be fairly actively developed.


shotcut (Windows/Linux/macOs).


kdenlive (Qt based, Windows/linux) Have not yet tried, but the name is so awful that I will probably never remember to.


Flowblade is an editor of moving image. Its unique selling point is that it is Linux-only. It seems to be a python-GTK3 app which is bold but OK.


openshot (Windows/Macos/Linux) also edits video.

I used this one recently by random choice. It works. It is not smooth; edits end up in inter-frame boundaries and so if you are editing something with a jump cut you might end up with next or previous fames sneaking. Keyboard shortcuts are not discoverable. Zoom timelines breaks for long edits. So for my main use case (edition down long pieces for a short preview) it has annoyances.


OBS is not a video editor, but it might do what you want nonetheless; since it facilitates live composing, recording and streaming of multiple video and audio sources.

Routing video live

See video routers.

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