Generative AI workflows and hacks 2024

March 23, 2024 — May 30, 2024

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machine learning
neural nets
Figure 1

I will try to attempt synthesis of LLM research elsewhere. This where I keep ephemeral notes and links.

1 this

2 API clients

Want a decent UX while using your own (possibly better-secured) API endpoint? Here are some options: NB, they all claim to keep your API key secret, but you should verify this yourself.

The next two I have heard recommended but have not tested:

3 Multi-agent LLMS


Figure 2

4 Misc

  • Calculating Sunflower Oil Production (ChatGPT psychosis)

  • Welcome to LangChain — 🦜🔗

    Large language models (LLMs) are emerging as a transformative technology, enabling developers to build applications that they previously could not. But using these LLMs in isolation is often not enough to create a truly powerful app - the real power comes when you are able to combine them with other sources of computation or knowledge.

    This library is aimed at assisting in the development of those types of applications.