To-do list

How did you get in here? How did you get inside the sausage factory? Watch your fingers.

Things I am doing to spruce this place up as part of yak shaving my academic writing workflow.

Code highlighting is broken

I think this is through highlight.js right now?

Better HTML HEAD metadata

HEAD documents the recommended tags for maximising social spread and suchlike from a website


Embedded serverless comments would be nice comments.

knit to markdown

Instead of to HTML. Many benefit in terms of having better hugo hooks. michael toth’s solution.

Elminiate Mathjax and highlight.js


render citations as data? Or at least link to the bib file? via bib files? see how radix does this?

Look nice

I made my own theme; it has various wonderful features such as being simple and easy to understand. However, it has the problem that I am no graphical designer.

Index pages are nasty

I need to work on the CSS especially regarding text overflow.

margin notes


Put images in front matter, or even page bundles. The latter looks fragile and harder to navigate; I'll probably settle for a minimum-viable option that puts images in header metadata. I wonder if there is a pandoc pipe that could make that easier, or if I should do it with a python markdown parser e.g. with a TreeProcessor, or a BeautifulSoup parser, or the Syntax tree-firendly Mistletoe


as a read shortcode?


table of contents that are fixed and stay on the side, except responsive somehow?


  • I currently use who are good and cheap