Minimalist scientific workbook

A scientific workbook based on jupyter kernels and pandoc. Looks much simpler, and therefore potentialy less horrible, than jupyter.

Perhaps a close cousin to quarto.

Comparison with Jupyter, knitr, and Pweave from the project website:

CodebraidJupyter NotebookknitrPweave
multiple programming languages per document✓*✓†✓*
multiple independent sessions per language
inline code execution within paragraphs
no out-of-order code execution✓‡
no markdown preprocessor or custom syntax
minimal diffs for easy version control
insert code output anywhere in a document
can divide code into incomplete snippets
support for literate programming
compatible with any text editor


Poore, Geoffrey M. 2019. Codebraid: Live Code in Pandoc Markdown.” Proceedings of the 18th Python in Science Conference, 54–61.

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