Differential geometry, geometric algebra etc

🏗 A pragmatic guide to manifold wrangling, whatever your formalism.

Key words: Clifford algebra, differential forms… Bollu’s Handy list of differential geometry definitions.

See information geometry.


Differential forms formalism

Clifford Algebra formalism

Hestenes’ school.

Handy texts:

Tristan Needham, Visual Differential Geometry and Forms: A Mathematical Drama in Five Acts (Needham 2021).

Alan Bromborsky, An introduction to Geometric Algebra and Calculus.

Alan Macdonald, Geometric Algebra:

Geometric algebra and its extension to geometric calculus unify, simplify, and generalize vast areas of mathematics that involve geometric ideas, including linear algebra, multivariable calculus, real analysis, complex analysis, and euclidean, noneuclidean, and projective geometry. They provide a unified mathematical language for physics (classical and quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity), the geometrical aspects of computer science (e.g., graphics, robotics, computer vision), and engineering.


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