Indonesian music

  • Neosantara is my contemporary indonesian music spotify playlist

  • YESNOWAVE is a frank and fearless label promoting indonesian music via free releases, including lots of political, unorthodix and left-field releases.

  • madrotter treasure hunt is an amazing trove of indonesian cassettes and vinyl otherwise lost tothe internet.

  • Sumarsam is an east Javanese lecturer in Indonesian music theory and his pedagogy for Western students is good, and freely available.

  • Gamelan Bali (Even further east)

  • Austronesian Outpost of Anaphoria is an imaginary island that happens to use many tricks from the Nusantaran gong tunings.

  • Sethares on tuning systems generally, and the weird things that happen in south east asia especially.

  • Jalanan, the busker movie.

  • I know more about sundanese music specifically, so that has its own page.