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The command line might need some upgrading

function wget_non_california () { until wget -c --timeout=10 $*; do sleep 10; done }

Backed by a major player: mars, the network stack of Wechat.

Flaky finder

I don’t know why this happens, but this is one of the many nasty side-effects of unreliable network connections is Finder flaking out. If your nasty ISP drops enough packets there are a whole bunch of ways that your Mac computer will DOS itself into the ground, because it is a state alien to Apple engineers.

Here are some potential workarounds:

Look for misbehaving processes and corrupt wassamajiggies.

Or tell Finder to stop obsessing about fancy network drives that won’t work anyway:

sudo vi /etc/auto_master

In this file comment out /net. Now,

sudo automount -vc

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