Polynomial chaos expansion



Wikipedia says:

Polynomial chaos (PC), also called Wiener chaos expansion,is a non-sampling-based method to determine evolution of uncertainty in a dynamical system when there is probabilistic uncertainty in the system parameters. PC was first introduced by Norbert Wiener where Hermite polynomials were used to model stochastic processes with Gaussian random variables. It can be thought of as an extension of Volterra’s theory of nonlinear functionals for stochastic systems. According to Cameron and Martin such an expansion converges in the \(L_2\) sense for any arbitrary stochastic process with finite second moment. This applies to most physical systems.

There are friendly formal introductions in Ghanem and Red-Horse (2017) and Kim et al. (2013), with divergent emphases on the history.

To explore: Connection/difference from to kernel tricks and the use of covariance kernels and Gaussian process regression as used in Gratiet, Marelli, and Sudret (2016).

To answer: Is this precisely the Karhunen—Loève expansion trick? Is anything special going on here?

I’m reading a little further on this; It looks very similar to the set up of functional data analysis. I wonder if there is any distinction at all apart from terminology? TBD.


Wikipedia credits Xiu (2010) with this, based off Cameron-Martin formulae for Wiener measures about which I know nothing but looking at the context I feel like I might have missed a run there.

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