About this site


Content on this site is rated on a 3 point scale by Usefulness (🔧), Novelty (💡), Uncertainty (🤪) and Incompleteness (🚧), where, for example, the Uncertainty rankings should be interpreted as

Ignorant. I know only enough about this topic to know I know nothing.
Dunning-Kruger. I know enough about this topic not to know my own ignorance.
Competent. I know this topic well enough to know what I do not know.

Other scales are analogous.

General structure

Many ideas about how this site is used and presented are cribbed from the notebooks of Cosma Shalizi, which I find a pleasant format to read. The content is my own, except where otherwise stated. The fiddly details of how it works are here, and the really fiddly in-progress details are on my TODO list.

Also, I just moved all these from livingthing.danmackinlay.name to danmackinlay.name which ended up being rather complicated, so if there are any broken URLs please let me know.

Follow me

You could, if you wished, subscribe to updates in a feed reader of your choice. Here are some buttons to that end, at the request of Andy:

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Technical details

This blog I publish online using Pelican Blogdown. I see plain text files; you see fancy online HTML. The HTML is automatically served by github pages netlify, which is fast and free. The citations are handled through Zotero. This is a work in progress.

For now I mostly edit the text using VS Code, or RStudio, both of which have integrated preview. The process looks like this:

Screencap of my text editor

Contact me

Nerds can get some clues as to how rapidly I will respond based on the following graph:

You can find me on keybase.io/danmackinlay, hypothes.is, ORCID iD icon ORCID , Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Researchgate