Morsels of oddity from the depiction of human sexual behaviour

Just a bookmark salad for now.

Deida’s erotic spiritual manuals (Deida 2005). and the wave of feminist video porn.

Jon Ronson, the Butterfly effect, on the tech takeover of the western porn industry.

Ozymandias, Sex-Positive, Porn-Critical?:

In the past, I have had a bunch of pretty positive things to say about porn.

Mea culpa.

To be clear, I have pretty positive things to say about some porn. I have nothing but positive feelings about AO3, pictures of hot naked people, the Best Women’s Erotica series, the Erogamer, porn comics, caption porn Tumblrs (RIP), the work produced by many independent camgirls, and the noble person who put every sex scene from Call Me By Your Name on Pornhub. But man, guys, mainstream video porn– the thing you get if you open up the tube sites and start scrolling– that stuff is actually pretty bad!

Now, in my defense, everyone else is entirely wrong about why it is bad.

Gabriel Goh’s masterful ontological hacking, that uses a porn classifier to pull out freudian halluciations from non-porngraphic images.

Deida, David. 2005. Wild Nights: Conversations with Mykonos About Passionate Love, Extraordinary Sex, and How to Open to God. Trade paper, later printing edition. Boulder, CO: Sounds True.