January 6, 2015 — November 30, 2019

computers are awful

Trendy functional LISP-derivative.

Recurrently popular in e.g. generative art. For more of that see art LISP.

1 Installing

We don’t want to learn clojure, we want to learn leiningen, apparently:

Clojure isn’t really a program but a library managed as part of a project and Leiningen is the user interface to that library.

To install Clojure you should install Leiningen and then follow the tutorial.


Leiningen is for automating Clojure projects without setting your hair on fire.

It offers various project-related tasks and can:

  • create new projects
  • fetch dependencies for your project
  • run tests

2 Handy resources

  • Art-focussed tutorial
  • obligatory web technology version: clojurescript.
  • clojure atlas is an ontological atlas of clojure, with shiny animated interactive graphs and suchlike.
  • Computational design tools for Clojure/ClojureScript
  • Co(de)Factory is a collaborative open source 3d rendering art-object making machine for the Barbican.
  • lighttable is an IDE for clojure designed from the ground up to do freaky spacecode magic
  • clojure for the brave and true is one of those quirky programming language manuals that teaches using twee.

3 Actual uses

Awesome clojure likes lists derivative versions made by fans who want clojure everywhere. One that actually looks handy is fleck which scripts bash using a better-designed programming language.