Digital nostalgia

Pixel art, geocities chic, cyberpunk retrofuturism

Various snippets of digital nostalgia, and do-overs of futures that happened. Vaporwave, classic console emulations. The transformation of plastic glitching commodity aesthetic into art chic. Unfortunate prescience. Preemptive obsolescence.

Explicitly not included: classic synthesizers. Synth nerds have that in hand.

Retro gaming

Not your grandpappy’s gaming console.

Start with Elkus on Doom, the 1993 game, as a metaphor for contemporary existence (includes installation instructions).

There is some less philosophically tortured stuff out there.

The internet

Hackers, 1995

Vistaserv is a lovingly recreated homage to geocities hosting of the 90s.

Ono-sendai chic

Paul Button’s 2010 digital nostalgia piece, appropriately enough now offline, but available through the archive or behance