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Miscellaneous notes on games (of the recreational/fun variety) that did not fit elsewhere.


Open surge is a 2D platformer with integrated scripting language and level-designer. Cute. cf LÖVE, the Lua-scriptable game engine. Here is chr15m’s Roguelike Browser Boiler plate by and there are probably other excellent things on

Retro games

Lazy in-browser

You can play a bunch of retro games in the browser; e.g. the DOS Games collection includes classics (Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2). Similar, but more suspect provenance, Classic Reload.

emulate classic games

  • RetroPie is a miniature distribution that makes a raspberry pi into a polymorphic games console

arcade machines

Turns out they were all weird bespoke platforms and emulating them is hard. the most prominent emulator is MAME

Incredibly retro games

Games from previous centuries, previous millenia

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