Esoteric language zoo

December 27, 2019 — December 27, 2019

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If you want to find more about the weird ends of this hobby, see retrocomputing or the esolang wiki.

The page exists mostly because I don’t think about these things often enough to remember their names but occasionally need to know them as punchlines.

1 Iverson and Whitney

Arthur Whitney is I think the creator of the odd ill-explained k and b languages which make impressive claims about performance and unimpressive claims about community, support and longevity. I think they are in the APL lineage as created by Kenneth E. Iverson.

2 Pure

A cute usable language. See pure.

3 Brainfuck

The hoary old classic of esoteric languages, about which I am no authority. However, check out this homomorphic encrypted brainfuck machine.


Blogged so I can remember its name. INTERCAL is that perverted joke language I always forget the name of. Famous for its COME FROM construct to avoid the harms of GOTO.