Log concave distributions

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August 28, 2017 — March 11, 2021

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Figure 1

a Markov Chain reminiscent of noisy gradient descent”. Holden Lee, Andrej Risteski introduce this the connection between log-concavity and convex optimisation.

\[ x_{t+\eta} = x_t - \eta \nabla f(x_t) + \sqrt{2\eta}\xi_t,\quad \xi_t\sim N(0,I). \]

1 Langevin MCMC

See SGD MCMC for now.

Rob Salomone explains this well; see Hodgkinson, Salomone, and Roosta (2019).

Andrej Risteski’s Beyond log-concave sampling series is a also a good introduction to log-concave sampling.

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