Elliptical distributions

June 24, 2015 — January 3, 2023

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Generalising multivariate Gaussians to anything which has a density function of the form \[ f(x)\propto g((x-\mu )'\Sigma ^{-1}(x-\mu ))\] where \(\mu\) is the mean vector, \(\Sigma\) is a positive definite matrix, and \(g:\mathbb{R}^+\to\mathbb{R}^+\). In fact, we do not need the density function to exist; it’s ok if \(\Sigma\) is positive semi-definite or to allow \(g\) to be a generalised function.

Baby steps, though let us have densities for now. If the mean of such an \(X\sim f\) RV exists, it is \(\mu\), and \(\Sigma\) is proportional to the covariance matrix of \(X\), if such a covariance matrix exists.

I assume they did not invent this idea, but Davison and Ortiz (2019) point out that if you have a least-squares-compatible model, usually it can generalise to any elliptical density, which includes many M-estimator-style robust losses.

2 Elliptical processes

See Aste (2021);Bånkestad et al. (2020).

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