Matrix-valued random variates

Distributions who support is a random matrix. There are many of these, surely? We generally care about a small subset of possible random matrices.

The most common matrix RV distributions I see are over positive-definite matrices in particular, which can be valid covariance functions We also look at rotation matrices and matrices with i.i.d. elements.

“Random matrices”

Despite the general-sounding name, this is frequently used for a specific degenerate case, where the elements are i.i.d. random. See random matrices.


Probability distribution for positive definite correlation matrices, or in practice, for their Cholesky factors.

Matrix Gaussian

Should look them up in Gupta and Nagar (1999).

Matrix Gamma

Currently handled under gamma processes.


Inverse Wishart

Random rotations

See random rotations.


Also introduced in Stephen R. Martin, Is the LKJ(1) prior uniform? “Yes”.

Matrix Beta/Dirichlet

The two wikipedia summaries are sparse:

Should look them up in Gupta and Nagar (1999).


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