Nowhere to hide

A catalogue of terrifying surveillance methods I encounter

I don’t have special insight to offer here, but I want this placeholder page here to distribute wake-up calls to my friends who aren’t aware of the rapidly expanding scope and reach of surveillance technology.

For some basic, good-enough-for-now remedial security tips, please see confidentiality for the masses and confidentiality for journalists, or for general philosophy, information security.

For example, they can see through your walls with wifi. They can identify you by your heartbeat at a distance of 200m. They can learn your passwords by listening to you type or even listening to your computer. Even your printer is tracking you. I can steal your key if I hear you use it.

As for who they are, that rather depends. But potentially very many different agents. Many of these tricks are simple enough for a bozo like me to set them up. That is exactly the problem.

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