Generic cloud machines

Occasionally I do stuff in the cloud that is not data science in the cloud. Mostly file sync or DIY socials. For these purposes I do not require complicated orchestration of scalable kubernetes clusters to run my high availability microservices architecture or what-have you. I do not want backups; the service will probably be a host-proof p2p service or something else easily recreated if it falls down. What I do want is

  1. cheap storage, and
  2. cheap VMs/containers.

General considerations: Is a billion-dollar worth of server lying on the ground? tl;dr Amazon is weirdly expensive. Why not go, e.g. OVH? Is it strictly because they have fewer HOWTOs?

  • Oracle Cloud Free Tier offer a lot of server for free, if you can handle it being RHEL on ARM. That sounds like a good deal to me. Have not yet tried.
  • OVH is quite cheap. I use them a lot. Occasionally they catch on fire but this seems like an acceptable trade-off for my purposes, mostly about dev and experiments.

Not covered: Digital Ocean because they are too expensive.

AWS are not that cheap in list price, or in time. Last time I tried to use them I burned a whole day trying to understand their insane control panel when to upload weird XML snippets to mysterious API endpoints in order to do a relatively simple CPU-and-storage setup. The whole time I know that if I got it wrong, the russian mafia would steal my data.

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