Precision matrix estimation

Especially Gaussain

November 17, 2014 β€” October 4, 2022

Figure 1

Estimating the inverse of the covariance matrix, the precision matrices.

Two big data problems problems can arise here: large \(p\) (ambient dimension) and large \(n\) (sample size). Large \(p\) is a problem because the covariance matrix is a \(p \times p\) matrixand frequently we need to invert it to calculate some target estimand.

1 The obvious way

Estimate the covariance matrix then invert it. This is the baseline. πŸ—


3 Bayesian

πŸ— Wishart priors?

4 Penalized

5 Structured

6 Iterative approximation

Saad (2003)

6.1 Conjugate gradients

6.2 Lanczos

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