Sexual ethics and institutions

Placeholder for an article which mentions modern terminology such as polycules, metamours and so on, as well as classic analyses of sexual ethics. These terms to be used in analyzing recent and historical experiments in sexual mores.

Starting reading, Ozymandias’s sex positivity articles, e.g. Your Partner Dating Lots Of People Is Less Scary Than You Think It Is.

The Odds are Good & the Goods are Great is a fun think piece about het dating

My suspicion is that the majority of my women friends who had bad relationships had partners who chose them, rather than the other way around. I f you are 100% passive in the dating market, your partners will be drawn from the set of ‘the kind of people who wants to date you’. If you are 100% active, your partners will be drawn from the set of ‘the kind of person you want to date’.


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