September 5, 2020 — October 27, 2021


I like my trousers to be either incredibly tiny shorts, or something longer than knickerbockers. In between, the Bermuda shorts, zone, that is dead to me. Who wants to see my knees without seeing my thighs?

Also, tweed. I love tweed. Hard to get in Australia.

I think what I am trying to say is that my aesthetic is “golf slattern”.1

1 Booty shorts


2 Knickerbockers and other such fogey nonsense

Figure 1

a.k.a. golfing knickers, plus fours, breeks (which I think have less overhang below the knee), plus twos (ditto). Hard to acquire in Australia.

In a classic vein:

There is a special sub genre of ironic loud golfwear. See suppliers Kings Cross Knickers (US), (US) ships actual nice plaid (although they are in polyester). loudmouthgolf do made-to-order knickerbockers with fabric patterns reminiscent of Windows 3.11 freeware wallpaper, or posterized vomit etc (US). So does Royal & Awesome but with more amusing names and a higher cotton content (but only plus twos, not plus fours). Readygolf are a reseller occasionally offering good deals.

See also fogeycore for misc other inspo in my stranded-Victorian-queer-time-traveller aesthetic.

Also we can hit up the cosplay resources of the internet fandoms who provide us with much “steampunk” stuff.

I have used fanplusfriend, and I like the price and excellent cut of the trousers they sent me; however, the quality of the fabric could be better; the current one pills too fast for my taste — I wear the bejeezus out of my trousers.


  1. Don’t get me wrong, I hate golf, I merely like being a 1920s golf poser.↩︎