Theory and practice of hip garments

I have broken this out into various themes, trousers, low impact fashion, gym wear, footwear and probably more by now. Particulate masks?? Hygienic masks?? The remainders are here.

Theory of fashion

Models of fashions (as opposed to fashion models):

  1. Red queen signalling
  2. Neutral mutation (Ormerod and Bentley 2010)
  3. Network diffusion

These can probably be considered as innovation diffusion models.

Political economy of fashion

Rachel Huber wonders about blockchainized surveillance for brand fashion and its impact on the concept of ownership.


Upcycling tips?


See Indonesian e-commerce.

Australian indigenous

I am interested in collared shirts with australian designs where the money goes to the artist in a fair way.


The good cheap stuff comes from Indonesia, but indonesia is a closed economy.

  • Jadi Batek is a Malaysian one with pretty sweet designs although suspect cuts.

Bolo ties

My current hero is GTiesByRebelCaller.

I have many of his.

A true work of art, the Gtie Octopus which you can buy on etsy.

Care of my fabrics

I keep my clothing smelling fresh with Zeroda High Performance Sports Wash, which seems both cheap and effective.

I use Nanoman Water proofing spray for fabrics. Stain repellent. It is weirdly cheaper from Amazon than direct from their store.


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