You’re standing in it

A set of handsome historical Australian wildflower tiles! Buy this as a sticker why not?

A country I was born in. I do love it, even though sometimes it seems healthier for our relationship to have some time apart.

This is a page for think-pieces on the theme of what-even-is-Australia.

[…] even the most privileged stumble on the invisible trip-wires beneath the surface. Networks, history, custom, class and race make the seemingly familiar more complicated, at times confounding. Change, ambition and doing things differently are surprisingly hard in a place that is at once cosmopolitan and provincially deferential, young and ancient, in Asia but not of it, without much history yet brimming with it. (Schultz 2022)

The complicated founding myth of Australia wrapped up in one uncomfortable package.


Handy reference to Finding the traditional owners of land.


Schultz, Julianne. 2022. The Idea of Australia: A search for the soul of the nation. Allen & Unwin.

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