Machine learning for climate systems

How to model the world with data-hungry methods. How to think our way out of climate crisis/

ML for climate drivers

  • ESA - Trio of Sentinel satellites map methane super-emitters

    In a recent paper published in Remote Sensing of Environment (Schuit et al. 2023), researchers from SRON found that the Sentinel-3 satellites can retrieve methane enhancements from its shortwave infrared band measurements. Impressively, it can detect the largest methane leaks of at least 10 tonnes per hour, depending on factors like location and wind conditions, every single day.

    See also Pandey et al. (2023).

ML for climate solutions

Jeff Dean’s NeurIPS 2019 talk suggests ideas. His talk is an advertisement for tensorflow probability as a solution for machine learning for physics simulations for making nuclear fusion feasible etc.


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