Email clients

Being smarter about how I read my mail. Less-awful-UX in email clients.

This problem is not too hard to solve on Windows or Macos. On linux it is a shitshow. Consequently, I have listed all the linux-specific options separately. You could probably have a look at those too. Many of them run on Windows or macos too. (Although the ones that do are uninspiring).

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is built in to macos and I think it is pretty good. Obviously only runs on macos.

gpgtools will upgrade even Apple Mail to be a bit more encryptey, if that seems exciting.


OK ish.


Mailbird (Commercial, Mac/Windows).


Polymail (Commercial, mac/windows/ios/maybe android) is an email client that promises AI automation stuff.


Spark is a commercial app that comes recommended as being less of a mess than other mail thingies and for innovating in design and such. (macOS/android).


Postbox (macos/windows) seems OK. USD29.

eM client

eM Client Mac/windows. AUD80


mailvelope is an easy-to-use web-browser extension which brings OpenPGP encryption to webmail services such as Gmail™, Yahoo™ and others. With its unintrusive interface fully integrated into your webmail service, Mailvelope instantly secures your personal and professional email communications.”

One day I will have a problem that involves sending GPG mail, and on that day this will solve a problem for me.

Web email clients

See webmail.

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