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Raiding history for clip art

Are you an inveterate remixer? I am. Here I note repositories of legally available content for remixing and mashing up. (Check for remix rights in your local jurisdiction.)


This is what I actually do with my life, so I know too much of it to fit here. See sample libraries, musical corpora.


In descending order of addictiveness:


One of the many wonderful features of the Internet Public Library is not its browsing page, which is a mess. I laboriously opted in to all the old (hopefully uncopyrighted) books by clicking checkboxes.

Clip art and icons


  • World’s cinema has copies of many art-house films. Provenance unclear and thus suspect.
  • content on torrent aggregators like,,, and is not necessarily going to be violating copyright, but in practice, 90% of the content one finds there will be in violation, and it is best to steer clear.


  • Open Culture tracks “675 Free Movies, 550 Free Audio Books, 600 Free eBooks, 170 Free Textbooks, 300 Free Language Lessons…”. AFAICT everything here is legit but once again, be careful and check the laws in your jurisdiction.

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