Go bag, Sydney edition

August 26, 2019 — August 26, 2019


The individually achievable type of prepping.

Figure 1

1 72 hour crisis survival

So your civilisation has a temporary failure and you need to weather the time until the helicopters come?

Various crisis merch for mail order.

TODO: medical survival?

2 Indefinite crisis

3 days in and no sign of rescue. Your civilisation is descending into death and violence and every mouth to feed reduces the chance that the remainder will survive.

Nembutal is well-regarded as a euthanasia medication, albeit one well-trodden by right-to-die groups. One might need to acquire it through the black market which is presumably illegal. I wonder if Fentanyl is effective for this purpose? You’d want it to be something that was idiot-proof to self administer and which had a long shelf-life, which I dunno about.

I also wonder if there is a simple method of suicide which leaves your corpse edible for survivors? Presumably chemical means are not ideal for this. 🤷‍♂