Integral transforms

\[\renewcommand{\vv}[1]{\boldsymbol{#1}} \renewcommand{\mm}[1]{\mathrm{#1}} \renewcommand{\mmm}[1]{\mathrm{#1}} \renewcommand{\cc}[1]{\mathcal{#1}} \renewcommand{\ff}[1]{\mathfrak{#1}} \renewcommand{\oo}[1]{\operatorname{#1}} \renewcommand{\cc}[1]{\mathcal{#1}}\]

Useful for solving various integral equations and PDEs. Fourier transforms, Laplace transforms, Mellin transforms, Hankel transforms…

Free resource: The transforms and applications handbook / edited by Alexander D. Poularikas. (Poularikas 2000)

Fourier transform

See Fourier transforms.

Laplace transform


Hankel transform

TBD. Covered implicitly in rotational symmetries.

Mellin transform

A transform with “Scale invariance like the Fourier transform has shift invariance”. Sounds fun.


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