Linux-compatible laptops

I love linux but I hate googling for “wifi hangs after suspend”

I would like an economical, well-supported laptop for doing linux stuff. Thunderbolt 3 support for external GPU would be nice. I am less interested in internal GPUs these day; that turned out to be a giant PITA.


The classic go-to linux laptop. Are they still… working? Is that a thing? I checked out of that question ages ago. Sounds like linux-compatibility is contested, but certain hardware configurations do support linux, AFAICT the less fashionable ones.

Razer blade

A long intermittently-tolerably-successful project of mine: keeping the Razer Blade 2017 behaving itself as a linux machine..

Since some update random USB devices have been failing to resume after suspend. OTOH The machine frequently fails to suspend, and sometimes will run at full temperature with the lid closed and everything unplugged, which puts you at risk of data loss, hardware damage and also your house burning down.

Also the local service agent (who is licensed by Razer but nothing to do with them really) in Australia straight-up ghosted me last time I tried to exchange cash for hardware repair. I worked it out myself with parts from ebay.

No longer recommended.


System76 laptops now look less ugly than last time I looked, when their aesthetic was “cereal boxes for cylons.” See, e.g., the Oryx, their hefty GPU model. Like the Razer gear, the fact that there is no company presence in Australia means that taking on such machines is a risk if they need warranty service or weird parts. System76 are the creators of Pop!OS which has various nice features for my own workflow. The darter appears to be the model that has enough thunderbolt support for eGPUs, but at time of writing was not available.


I hear that Dell does linux laptops, but they are shy about that in Australia. Dell xps 13 conspicuously does not mention Linux support.


Librem is linux laptop that claims hardware that is as open as possible.

They have at least one competitor.

MNT Reform

MNT Reform is an ARM laptop with swappable parts that is even more open than librem. OTOH it also seems to be a kind of brick whose tech specs are as mundane as its ideological specs are impressive. Is it essentially an overgrown raspberry pi though?